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Receiving oral sex and having your mom walk in on you.

As read on
Yo, last night my girlfriend was giving me head, and when my mom walked in, it turned into a lumberjack grandslam!
#head #walk ins #oral sex #awkward #grand slam
foayo가 작성 2013년 12월 04일 (수)
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The act of one's mother "walking in" while one is receiving oral sex. (Originated from reddit)
Instead of knocking on my room door like she usually did before entering she just opened the door. I don't know what a mothers reaction should be in this type of situation but she started yelling at my girlfriend. When I say yelling I mean I heard her say words that I never heard her say before. She called my girlfriend a whore and said that god would damn us both to hell for our act of sin. My girlfriend at this point is in tears and she's scrambling to get on her clothes and pretty sure she left my house without her bra because she was in such a panic. My mom didn't speak to me for a month after that. She didn't ask me how my day was at school, she didn't speak to me during dinner and she didn't even ask me to go to church on Sunday with her anymore. She used to go every Sunday but I always said no. That's the angriest I have ever seen my mom and we have never spoken about it. When she finally did talk to me she said if I wanted her to ever speak with me again that I had to go to confession and confess my sins. I told her I would go but I ended up going to a Denny's and ordering their Lumberjack grandslam instead. She thinks I went to confession though. Also every time my girlfriend came over after the incident my mom would leave the house. I don't know where she went but she couldn't be in the same vicinity as her. Worst part of it all was my girlfriend didn't attempt to give me another blowjob for a year because she was so scared of my mother walking in on us.
#oral sex #walking in #mother #gf #bf
cittycatroina가 작성 2013년 12월 04일 (수)
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