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Pronounced louw ree
Used to describe an individual with any of the following faults.
Little or no intelligence or sense.
Being the joke of the school.
Have a vocabulary of less than two hundred words.
Says and does anything and everything in the name of recognition and acceptance.
Can be described as a complete retard.
Appears to have social standings beyond what his character warrants.

The word derives from an actual person who showed all of these foibles.
A)Guess who Kats going to the ball with.
A)The most pathetic moron in the whole school.
B)You don't mean...?
B)But that guy has to be the biggest lourie I have ever seen.
A)I know I know..
B)But this is totally fucked up, I mean if he was I nice guy I could understand her doing him a favour, but hes a real dick with no balls. Hes not the type of person who laughs when old people fall, that would require some independance... No, he would wait for someone to laugh first before joining in. Thats what a complete waste of space that guy is.
A)You're so right.
B)I know I'm right so why does shit like this keep happening in my life, it's like some sick joke.
A)Maybe we should start acting like half our brains been removed then amazingly pretty girls might ask us to balls.

MDJ Johnson가 작성 2006년 10월 04일 (수)
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