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Lincoln School for Girls is an all female Quaker school on the east side of Providence, RI. The academics are excellent, but some the girls take this for granted, and are too busy dreaming about public school and boys *gasp!* to even realize the great education they're lucky to have. Some of Lincoln's students recieve financial aid or scholarships and work hard to receive good grades.

At Lincoln, the cafeteria food costs almost as much as the tuiton (which is thousands of dollars), and an extra paper cup will set you back 10 cents. Most Lincoln girls are intelligent, articulate, and classy, but there is a handful of students who fuel the "Lincoln steretype" by wearing skanky outfits, posing in inappropiate manners, and posting these pictures online. Some Lincoln students have been known to act like a darling little goody two shoes and then turn around and get high while screwing their boyfriend. This is not true about the whole school however, so it would be unfair to put a blanket over the student body as a whole. Most of Lincoln's students are smart, intelligent, witty, attractive, and well-dressed. Oh, and did I mention...out of your league?
Boy1: "I hear that at Lincoln School for Girls they make out with eachother in the bathrooms!"

Lincoln Girl: "I find that highly inappropiate and degrading. I am an independent Quaker woman and I have been given Simple Gifts. So FLIK you!"
100%truth가 작성 2005년 10월 13일 (목)
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