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A combination of basketball and lacrosse in which lacrosse sticks are used by players to put the lacrosse ball through the hoop of a basketball net. *note- this is a male-only sport.


1- only stick checking is allowed. body checks result in foul rips.

2- the foul rip: when a foulee is allowed to shoot from the foul line once. if sucessful, the player will shoot again. if made again, the fouler is awarded the ball. if not sucessful on the first, the player is to get his rebound and shoot a layup. if made, the ball is awarded to him for the next play. if not, it is deferred to the foulee.

3- general play:can be played with up to three players. opposing players must call out their man to guard the whole game. if switched, a technical foul is awarded to the other team. if a non-foul shot is ripped, the shooter and his man run after the ball. the first to be in the general area can either call off the other, or be a man and fight for it. once clearly under controll, whomever retrieves the ball becomes on offence starting from his point on the court.

4- technical fouls: face off on the grass. winner's team goes on the offencive from that point on.

5- lax terminology in full effect always. also, dunks are to be referred to as pearl-jams


1- two points awarded to all non-backboard shots within the two point line. beyond that anything is two points.
-Bro, why are you so sweaty?
Dude, you should have seen this laxketball sesh i was just in.

-How many pearls did you sink?
Like 15. We lost tho it felt like just me and excalibur out there.
laxtitute57694가 작성 2011년 04월 06일 (수)
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