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A word used by a group of Bucharian homo sexuals living in Long Island, NY. The word has no meaning whatsoever except when it is used to describe a scumbag who pretends to be a player but always goes back to the same girl. These kids act very ghetto, except they are not. If they were brought to Far Rockaway at night, they would get shot. Theyre all current/future participants in Nassau Community College, if they even make it there. It is more likely for them to end up dead or in jail.

Another common word they use frequenty, is bird- believing that when you walk down the hallway screaming pidgeon or quack it will actually hurt peoples feelings when it actually just makes them look like dumbasses. They also think that egging peoples houses will make them cry when theyre the ones attending college harassing highschool girls.
Gary: Ayo Mikey your a kuslett, new kuslet of the group give you till monday to make your shit single.

Lior: yea yea i agree! and people use me for my car!
me0wsrb가 작성 2009년 09월 28일 (월)
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