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To complain, harass or verbally assault a person, possibly reducing them to tears in the process.

Can also be abbreviated as "Kevin" or "Rudd".
"If my meal doesn't get here soon I'm going to have to pull a Kevin Rudd on the waitress."
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marshall31415가 작성 2009년 04월 04일 (토)
The biggest douchebag ever to become Prime Minister of Australia.

He is a strong advocate of communism, censorship and homosexuals.

He pushes through legislation under the premise of 'Think of the children'.

A bad egg overall.

User 2: Yep, you can thank Kevin Rudd for that.

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Liberal4Life가 작성 2008년 12월 22일 (월)
Sneaky politician, tries to hard to be politically correct before the up-coming election.

i.e: agreeing with everything John Howard say's of late to keep out of any contraversey.

Kevin Rudd is the federal labour leader of Australia and is therefore dictated strongly by the corrupt Workers Union, a labour federal government will destroy Australia and it's economy as we know it.
Boss of a company: Jim I think you've got the job, well done!
Jim: Gee whilickers! thanks boss!
Union: Jim deserves to earn more money, the boss has to much money.
Kevin Rudd: Yes master..
Union: The boss is the enemy! they create the jobs for the workers but they should pay higher wages and become broke!
Kevin Rudd: Yes master whatever you say master..
Union: The boss' will pay higher wages until they are broke! then we have won!
Kevin Rudd: But if there are no boss' where will Australia's jobs come from?
Kevin Rudd: Yes master..The boss is the enemy master..
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DeMoNiCNdLuCeFeRiC가 작성 2007년 08월 16일 (목)
Also referring to the incompetent Prime Minister of Australia, 'Kevin Rudd' is Australian Rhyming Slang for "Dud"

She Said: "I finally dumped that creep I met at Frostbites, told him not to call me anymore on account of him being a complete tosser and turning Australia into a nanny state where the internet is slow, the economy is shot and kids get drunk off metho because the alcopos are too expensive."

They Said: "Good for you, he was a complete Kevin Rudd."
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pseudoecho가 작성 2009년 03월 19일 (목)
A politically correct and smug politician elected to the position of Australia. Whilst not a communist as claimed, has a distinct lack of policies that contribute to anything more than the illusion that he's doing something, and as such is considered a master politician. Has surpassed his role model John Howard in that aspect. One downside to this is the fact poor Kevin (Kevhn) has to maintain the status quo and cannot marry John and become a Howrudd. This is beleived to contribute to the stress he's already under from the Chinese government leading to violent outbursts over completely ediable meals amongst other things.
This message has been approved by the krud filter to confuse you. Yours,sincerely, heart-felting, super doper Australianly, in the ANZAC tradition, Kevin Rudd
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Forgotten Australian가 작성 2009년 04월 26일 (일)
1. Chief Nerd of Australia - also known as leader of the communist/union party of australia. stole over $300,000 from the state of Queensland during his time as a civil servant. known supporter of Osama Bin Laden and gay marriage. see gay cunt

2. The kind of smart arse who disagrees with everyone and everything for the sake of it and is often seen wearing a smug smirk. see gay cunt and queef
1. Did you just see that GC Kevin Rudd saying how much he loves karl marx?

2. Did you just hear Goldstein arguing with the teacher? He was arguing for so long that we missed out on lunch. What a Kevin Rudd.
#labor party #rudd #gay #loser #no friends #thief #retard #communist #9-11
k-ruddisgay가 작성 2007년 03월 29일 (목)
Umm ... only the FRIGGIN prime minister of AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!
"Kevin Rudd looks like Mr Sheen."
#dyke #politicks #prime #minister #frogs legs
...zzz가 작성 2007년 11월 28일 (수)
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