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Description is sweet, but ferocious inside. Can be elegant when feels like it. Can tend to get freaky sometimes, so you have to learn how to have control. Tends to giggle alot but will put sexual moves upon you.
WOOOOO DUDE!! Stop going kelsie on me.
Rupert Giddily가 작성 2008년 01월 12일 (토)
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Kelsie is one of the most amazing girl's you will ever meet, She is adorable. She loves to sing and usually is amazing at it. On top of that her voice can put a smile on your face no matter what. She is very shy in groups she doesn't know but once you get to know her you will quickly learn to love her. She is a really great friend and you will always want to hang out with her, She is easily engaged in conversation and once you start going its hard to stop, she is the type of girl that will keep you interested for hours upon hours. She usually is really shy and keeps to herself, She loves to read and is one of the smartest girls in your school. She is very intelligent in mostly Science, although she may be a BIT weaker in the other subjects she is still amazingly smart. She is drop dead gorgeous and although she may not think so everyone knows she is. She is EXTREMELY adorable and will make you smile whenever she does something cute. She is just about the most perfect girl you will ever meet, Be jeleous of her boyfriend. I know you are.
Chris:That Kelsie girl? Dude she is beautiful.

Richard:Hell yeah man that girl is amazing,
Chrì§가 작성 2009년 09월 16일 (수)
Kelsie is the most amazing girl. Ever. She can put a smile on your face even when she doesn't have one on hers. She is the Most beautiful girl ever but she doesn't think so. She's had so many evil things done to her, But she still finds new ways to love people. When you start talking to her, it hurts to stop . You can Literally talk all day and the only real reason you'd actually want to stop is if sleep interrupts you . She's silly and adorable with everything she does .She's one of the best artists you have ever seen. She is Art. Her beauty like shines through her very existence. She is a really great friend and you will always want to hang out with her. She is stupid beautiful and everyone knows it, But for some reason she tries to argue against everyone else. She has more friends than anyone, But can still feel lonely. She hurts alot, But keeps a smile on her face because shes strong . But she hates faking happiness . She has guys left and right falling for her but she chooses the dorkiest kid around. She loves Jesus and Kids, She has a huge heart and shes not afraid to share it with people. She has such greatness even though so many bad things have happened to her, But she tends to not see it. She's so cute . Not just her looks, but her very being is adorable. Shes hard not to love . She is Perfect.
" Bro.. This girl is.. She's Perfect. Like there's nothing i would change about her. "
"Dood. She's a total Kelsie."
PajamaSam.가 작성 2012년 07월 23일 (월)
Kelsie's tend to be sweet, pretty girls, their smiles are contagious, their laughs are endless and they're usually shy and misunderstood but if you really know them then you'd know how sweet and beautiful their souls are. I'm not saying for all Kelsie's but definitely mine. I love you forever and always. <3
some guy- "Hey is Kelsie your girl?"
me- " She's not just my girl she's my best friend, lover, she's my soul mate"
Lucky56가 작성 2012년 01월 13일 (금)
The most beautifulest girlfriend ever and so wonderful, and has a boyfriend who is very very lucky to have her and who loves her so very much, her smile is to die for her laugh is the cutest thing ever
;hjdfshj'k';hgkfsd가 작성 2010년 12월 04일 (토)
A beautiful girl that is WAYYY chill, she's my princess, she's my bestieee, i love her A...LOT and if you don't, I WILL fight you.
"Dude that chika Kelsie, she's hot."
AWESOME FUCKER 가 작성 2009년 03월 30일 (월)
the loveliest girl you will ever meet. she acts tough but is truly sweet inside. she is usually an athlete, tall, and strong. she is a fun-loving maniac that you will have the best of time with:) you are lucky if you have an awesome friend named kelsie♥
danm that girl is atheletic her name must be kelsie!
nikki654가 작성 2011년 01월 17일 (월)
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