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The 2005 Daytona 500 winner and 4 time champion. He won 70 races, 3 Daytona 500's, and 4 Brickyard 400's. He has a lifetime contract with Hendrick Motorsports, meaning he's the best active driver out there today. People don't like him because his car has more value than their trailer home.
The best 3 alltime NASCAR Drivers are Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, and Jeff Gordon
Joe C가 작성 2005년 03월 29일 (화)
One of the greatest drivers in the history of auto racing. Driver of the #24 DuPont Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports in NASCAR's top series. A smart, well-respected champion who is disliked only by arrogant, redneck fans who are jealous because they aren't as rich, popular, or talented as Jeff Gordon.

Jeff is soon to be married to the gorgeous model Ingrid Vandebosch, yet there are plenty of retards out there who claim he is gay because they lack the intelligence and class to accept that NASCAR's greatest driver isn't from the South. These inbred hicks resort to moronic insults that are entirely false and illogical. Some say that the only Gordon bashers are those who are secretly homosexual themselves and afraid to come out of the closet, so they resort to namecalling in a weak attempt to cover up their own personal issues.

To sum it all up, anybody that calls Jeff Gordon a faggot is simply a waste of human life and overall a complete failure. Learn some respect and grow the fuck up, bitches.
Billy Joe: "Jeff Gordon is gay! His car used to have rainbows on it, that cock sucker!"
Dan: "He is sponsored by a paint company, dumbass. They picked the paint scheme, not him."
Billy Joe: "But he wins too much and the women love him, so he's gotta be queer! And he isn't a Southerner either, that fag! THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!"
Dan: "That makes no sense, you dumbshit. He was married to a beautiful woman, and is now marrying an even hotter woman."
Billy Joe: "I say he's gay, so he must be! GO JUNIOR!"
Dan: "Billy Joe, you are an insult to mankind. Do the world a favor and go fucking kill yourself."
Dan Is The Man가 작성 2006년 11월 01일 (수)
(v.) to occupy two lanes while driving in the city so that a jerk driver can't pass you
this guy behind me is trying to sneak past using the parking lane! what an asshole! i'm gonna jeff gordon this motherfucker.
kaiser von fresh가 작성 2007년 10월 27일 (토)
A NASCAR driver hated by its core fan base for being articulate, good-looking, talented, tolerant of minorities, better than Dale Earnhardt. Jr (see Redneck Jesus), and the man most often used to market NASCAR outside of the Confederacy.
"I hate Jeff Gordon. Whoo Junior!!!!!!!!!!!!"
JohnJF가 작성 2008년 02월 17일 (일)
4 Time Winston Cup Champion.
Winner of 69 Nextel Cup Races
Can kick anyone's ass out on the track
Simply put it he's the best
joe c가 작성 2004년 12월 13일 (월)
As of April 10, 2005 a 71 time winner
On April 10, 2005 Jeff Gordon won the Advance Auto Parts 500
Joe C가 작성 2005년 04월 10일 (일)
Rims that approx 24 inches in diameter.
Whilst looking at my new whip, T-bone complimented me on my jeff gordons.
Fernando Valenzuela가 작성 2011년 11월 10일 (목)
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