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Actually, the forced bad spelling and typos used by your imitators are an exaggeration of your current literacy. But your own writing needs a fair amount of reading before the overall message (as opposed to the style of writing) will give an indication as to whether or not it is you. The main differences betwixt the 'imitatards' and yourself are

• Imitator has a higher number of typos

• Imitator has no real point except making you appear homosexual, whereas you ramble on a while before questioning the sexuality of those who disagree with ye, although you will say 'becos your/its gay' whereas your imitator will talk about *fap* *fap* *fap*-ing to protagonists of videogames you have expressed a positive opinion for.

• Your use of random capitalisation, especially for SEGASS or ninTURDo. Your imitator prefers to simply exaggerate leet-style typos.

• You manage to keep most of the spelling in the title accurate, your opponent enjoys use of phoenitic spellings.

• You say 'becos its gay', whereas your imitator say 'i fap to diiss fo hurgle ma durgle
Suggestions for the future:-

Take time to check your spelling, with msword. Refrain from gratuitous insults, especially stupidfucktardfagget, which is incorrectly spelled. Promote the use of backed up points- don't simply rest your arguement with such things as 'becos its gay and STFU stupidfucktardfagget'. Also, make sure....why the hell am I typing this?

ride da punani!
Gumba Gumba가 작성 2004년 06월 01일 (화)
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me 2 sony rols!!!!

i cannot wifstand teh awsum power of SONY cos i anm stupidfuckatarededfaggert an also bone sheep.
lets us buttslam cos i ar gaier than u
xenomorph가 작성 2004년 06월 08일 (화)

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