Total piece o' shit that nobody should buy because it costs $150 and holds 150 songs and with that much money you could get an ipod video on ebay. fuck ipod shuffles. they break esily too
Shannon: man i fell off my bike yesterday and my stupid ipod shuffle snapped in half!
DCMizzle: Told yuh not to get one retard.
#ipod #ipod video #retard #ipod nano #ipod shuffle
DCMizzle가 작성 2007년 04월 18일 (수)
Top Definition
The newest member of the iPod line. Consisting of a white plastic bar with a wheel and the shuffle button, it is mainly geared towards the low end user. Offered in 500MB and 1GB models costing 99 and 150 dollars respectively.
Clyde had always wanted to get an iPod, but they were far too expensive for his lifestyle, until the iPod shuffle was released
Stevie Wonder on Crack가 작성 2005년 01월 11일 (화)
1. The iPod Shuffle is effectively the little brother of the iPod. (Correction - The iPod mini is the little genious brother of the iPod, and the iPod Shuffle is the mentally disabled brother that is left in the closet when company comes over.)

2. The iPod Shuffle is the brain-child of Apple's brilliant marketing team. In the case of the iPod and iPod mini, I would argue that they are remarkable, worth-while, devices sought by the collective techno-savvy social culture, not simply social status knick-knacks. However, Apple's marketing team has pulled off pushing a device that blindly leads the user into a statistical fruit-salad of songs under the GENIOUS motto of "Life is Random".

3. To reitterate,
A - the iPod Shuffle, however less expensive, is a waste of your hard earned cash and has been linked to mass outbreaks of trichotillomania.

B - Apple's marketing team is outstanding and if I were going to finance and advertise a war, I would contract these people.

C - If you want an iPod so badly, pay the extra 50 bucks for a 4Gb iPod mini. You won't regret it.
Life is random, so why shouldn't my iPod Shuffle playlist be?
I can play songs on my iPod Shuffle.
Wow, I would love to have an iPod Shuffle!
Aaron Silber가 작성 2005년 05월 23일 (월)
The act of visibly changing your walking speed or gait to match the tune currently playing on your iPod.
Some guy was doing the iPod shuffle on the way to work - one minute I was stepping on his heels, the next he was sprinting. In the end I had to punch him in the back of the head.
#ipod #shuffle #walk #speed #gait
I am Iron Man!가 작성 2009년 07월 02일 (목)
The iPod that fits 150 songs, the rule is you either love it or shove it.
Person 1: I just got an iPod shuffle!
Person 2: Cool! I just got an iPod nano

**Person 1&2 used their iPods together to battle monsters and bad guys and didn't give a crap if their mp3 players were different**
#who #gives #a #flipping #crap
**yourr.loverr**가 작성 2006년 04월 15일 (토)
An inexpensive, simple option in the dynasty of iPods.

The iPod Shuffle may not have many extra-special features, but for those of us who prefer a simple-yet-sturdy option and might not need space for a thousand songs, this is the ideal choice.
"The iPod Shuffle, being only $99/$150, is the best alternative to the more costly and fragile iPods I've seen advertised!"
#ipod #inexpensive #simple #sturdy #affordable
Angebla가 작성 2006년 04월 09일 (일)
Another ingenious creation by Apple.

About the size of a pack of gum, the iPod Shuffle holds up to 240 songs for much more reasonable price than the other, more expensive iPods (iPod Video, iPod Nano, iPod mini, etc.). With one simple slide, one can program the iPod Shuffle to play straight through or play songs in random order. Indeed, the iPod Shuffle is by far the eaiest mp3 player to operate. And when it comes down to it, they're just plain cute.

iPod Shuffles sell for $99.
Joey: The other iPods may have fancier features, but I like my iPod Shuffle.
Merideth: Yeah, plus,I was able to pay for it myself with my money from my after-school job at Dairy Queen.
#inexpensive #random #ingenious #cute #easy
AbbyhasaniPodShuffle가 작성 2006년 02월 12일 (일)
The poor persons iPod
"omg guess what i got a new iPod shuffle"
"well i like totally have a new iPod photo, jeez ipod shuffles are so the poor persons ipod"
Anna Loves Modest Mouse가 작성 2005년 05월 14일 (토)
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