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huh huh.

homo erectus is a predecessor of modern humans. Members of this species had tools made of hard wood. They stored them inside orifices. And they spent most of their time impaling things with their long rods.

They used to grunt a lot, especially while impaling things. They drew graffiti on cave walls showing them trying to mount and stick their poles in horses and other animals.
homo erectus is a very cool name for cavemen (and women?).
Andy가 작성 2004년 04월 27일 (화)
The name given to a person who gets hard ons (willingly or unwillingly) over another person of the same gender. Also the predecessor to modern man. Eg) A not so distant cousin of the cave-man.

The term originated in 18th century mongolia where native tribes referred to the pandas who would go on to destroy all erectile functions of their future children and thus destroy all chances of survival.

Others claim that the phrase was coined when Arturo Lupoli used it to describe the actions of team-mate Kerry Gilbert after a fifth round Carling Cup tie in 2005.

Finally it is argued that the phrase simply refers to the act of wanking vigourously in the toilets of the Oriental Buffet in Alperton.
Yo homie, i think nick is a bit of a Homo Erectus, specially after seeing him eyeing up dat foo over der called John.

Mother? There is no other.
Homie_erectile_disfunction가 작성 2006년 07월 15일 (토)
Used to state that there is a horny gay man in close proximity of a group of males.
Whoa! Homo erectus! Everybody, shut your buttholes, there's a homo with a boner on the loose
JBo가 작성 2005년 04월 06일 (수)
Homo erectus, also known as the Neanderthal tribe, coexisted with the Cromagnon tribe (which became modern man) for quite some time. Later, when Cromagnon found out that Neanderthal was Homo erectus, Cromagnon, being very bigoted in those days, wiped out Neanderthal, or, at least, that is the majority opinion.
A minority opinion is that some men of the Neanderthal tribe married women of the Cromagnon tribe so as to blend in, while hiding their true nature as Homo erectus. Maybe they closed their eyes and/or turned off the lights, and imagined they were having sex with other Homo erectus, no one knows for sure. According to this opinion, the Homo erectus still live among us as a genetic variation even within otherwise Cromagnon families. Sometimes Homo erectus will even marry each other, but, like most hybrids, they are unable to reproduce with each other, making them dependant upon Cromagnon in order to have natural children.
Hansel VanEnema가 작성 2007년 01월 24일 (수)
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