A sport only enjoyed by Canadians
Hows aboot that hockey game there eh?
Delandre가 작성 2008년 04월 15일 (화)

Huge guys or girls with helmets and flashy shirts hitting a flat circular object with a stick while they chase it around a frozen basketball arena. With team names named after terrorists (ex. hitler) , animals, fruit, veggies and elements.

Point of game: proceed towards goal (Look for over dressed guy standing in front of metal pillars with a fish net in the middle) with flat black object in front of you whilst you near the goal lift up stick and with flat bottom hit the flat black object straight ahead or else flat object will not succeed in getting inside the net. Make sure you have your skates on (Shoes with very sharp metal bottoms that glide on ice because back then when they worse only boots allot of stupid people were injured)
Guy: do you play hockey?
Girl: do I look like a person who hits stuff with a stick!
Willow's reporter가 작성 2011년 11월 05일 (토)
If you don't play this sport you are a loser. Hockey is the best fucking sport there is. It has been proven that there is more hitting in football than hockey. However, it has also been proven that baseball players are PUSSYS. For example, a baseball player ran into the wall and broke his nose and was out for the rest of the game. First of all, Dumbass. Second of all PUSSY. A hockey player lost 5 of his teeth in a game and came back in double overtime and scored the gamewinning goal. If you think Lacrosse is tougher than hockey than you are wrong because you go faster than hockey and players get shattered through the glass (google video NHL highlights for proof).
Baseball Player named Jimmy: Owe, my shoulder's really sore. Can I go to the nurse

Teacher (whose son plays hockey):Shut up. My son is in class right now with a bruised ankle from a puck, a black eye, 2 missing teeth, and two glass shards in his arm. (in a kind voice) So Jimmy is there anything else you would like to say?

Baseball Player named Jimmy:N..N.. No M'am
Jorgey (why does someone have this name)가 작성 2006년 09월 11일 (월)
A suprised remark used against one speaking of the sport.
Halo Player: no I don't like football.
Adam: what do sports do you like then?
Halo Player: hockey, it's a real man's sport.
*dramatic pause*
Adam: HOCKEY?!
Josh: HOCKEY?!
Adam, JC, Josh가 작성 2006년 04월 20일 (목)
A sport played on grass with a ball that is harder than a hard thing with nails in.
The only concession being that you get a pair of shin pads.
The idea of the game is to hit the ball into the oppositions goal with your hockey stick and not use your feet.
Mostly played by butch lesbians with something to prove.
Often confused by the hard of thinking for Ice hockey, which is played on ice.
"Who are all those rough looking men hitting that ball around a field?"
"Thats the local womens hockey team at practice."
Markismint가 작성 2005년 06월 02일 (목)
A sport not as difficult or as cool as figure skating. Players of this sport generally smell like cat piss because they refuse to wear deodorant or to wash their equipment.
If figure skating were easy, it'd be called hockey.
alexkv가 작성 2008년 12월 02일 (화)
A "sport" for fags who would be roller blading if it was warmer. Mostly played by Russians and Canadians.
Canadian: "OMG! Did you see that hockey game last night?!"

American: "Was it even broadcast?"
Dee8019가 작성 2009년 12월 14일 (월)

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