best fucking sport in the world. all the guys i kno at school that play football are fuckin pussies. and im tired with people steriotyping hockey with a sport where all you do is fight. they need to fucking learn the game and realize that you fuckin screw ur team over if you fight and you cant just go around hitting kids with sticks, that would be a slash you dumb bitches. and im also sick of canadians calling out americans. im american and im a die hard hockey fan. i lived in canada for a while and loved it. if ur canadian and reading this please realize that there are tons of people that adore hockey. i live in michigan so i guess its easy to love hockey here cause our other sports teams suck exspecially the lions. i hate basketball pussies that cant take shit. you dont even have to try out for football at our school you just make the team. and hockey doesnt have drug problems like every other sport. so all the retards that havent played or watch hockey yet you need to stop dogging it. cause you cant say shit unless youve laced up your skates and held a stick and have taken a slapshot to the throught and broke a kids stick on your chest and broke your collarbone in 3 place from getting boarded. you pussy shits
american deuche bag: football is tougher than hockey

hockey players: say it again bitch and well rip you spleen out through your cock

american deuche bag: id like to see that assholes

hockey players: alright you hold him down and ill do the dirty work. alright

splat squirt

american deuche bag: in a very high pitched voice. ooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwieeeeeeeeee. *cries like a basketball pussy*

hockey players: shut ur fucking mouth ive seen worse things in the locker room. hockey locker rooms are where 30% of all rapes in the world happen.
falcon33b가 작성 2009년 03월 13일 (금)
A sport played on grass with a ball that is harder than a hard thing with nails in.
The only concession being that you get a pair of shin pads.
The idea of the game is to hit the ball into the oppositions goal with your hockey stick and not use your feet.
Mostly played by butch lesbians with something to prove.
Often confused by the hard of thinking for Ice hockey, which is played on ice.
"Who are all those rough looking men hitting that ball around a field?"
"Thats the local womens hockey team at practice."
Markismint가 작성 2005년 06월 02일 (목)
Pussies need not apply. Hockey players take catastrophic hits (like in football, except the guy is speeding at you twice as fast on skates), are expected to throw their bodies in front of 130km/h slap shots, regularly have bloody fist fights, and players have been known to break a bone on shift and yet stay on the ice only to score a other sports (HRM soccer HRM) they get pushed on the grass and they grab their chins in 'agony'. Unlike soccer, matches usually end with more than a single goal and four shots on net, and unlike basketball they don't have a hundred points only to have the game decided by a single one... if every basketball game is going to end 90-89 why not let them play for one minute and decide the winner from that. Hockey is the best mixture of both - its fast enough with enough goals and chances to make it exciting when one happens, and there isn't SO many goals that it becomes a non-event when one happens.
"Ya man, I watched the soccer match... it ended nil-nil and pretty much was them kicking the ball around in the center of the field."

"Yaaaaa well I watched basketball. They scored so many goals that I just stopped caring.

"I watched baseball dude. At least, that was before I slipped into the coma."

"Well I watched FOOOOTBAAAALLL RAWWRRRRRR...Rrrrrrr....rrrr...."

"I watched was an exciting game all the way through..with 5 goals in total it made each one exciting and game changing without being so few that it becomes pointless to watch the game instead of the highlights...oh and did you see Crosby beat the shit out of Ovechkin?"
charliee12가 작성 2010년 04월 06일 (화)
A sport not as difficult or as cool as figure skating. Players of this sport generally smell like cat piss because they refuse to wear deodorant or to wash their equipment.
If figure skating were easy, it'd be called hockey.
alexkv가 작성 2008년 12월 02일 (화)
If you don't play this sport you are a loser. Hockey is the best fucking sport there is. It has been proven that there is more hitting in football than hockey. However, it has also been proven that baseball players are PUSSYS. For example, a baseball player ran into the wall and broke his nose and was out for the rest of the game. First of all, Dumbass. Second of all PUSSY. A hockey player lost 5 of his teeth in a game and came back in double overtime and scored the gamewinning goal. If you think Lacrosse is tougher than hockey than you are wrong because you go faster than hockey and players get shattered through the glass (google video NHL highlights for proof).
Baseball Player named Jimmy: Owe, my shoulder's really sore. Can I go to the nurse

Teacher (whose son plays hockey):Shut up. My son is in class right now with a bruised ankle from a puck, a black eye, 2 missing teeth, and two glass shards in his arm. (in a kind voice) So Jimmy is there anything else you would like to say?

Baseball Player named Jimmy:N..N.. No M'am
Jorgey (why does someone have this name)가 작성 2006년 09월 11일 (월)
A suprised remark used against one speaking of the sport.
Halo Player: no I don't like football.
Adam: what do sports do you like then?
Halo Player: hockey, it's a real man's sport.
*dramatic pause*
Adam: HOCKEY?!
Josh: HOCKEY?!
Adam, JC, Josh가 작성 2006년 04월 20일 (목)
a sport, that in the USA, nobody cares about. At all. Mostly because Americans have far better sports to watch, Like Football, Basketball, and Baseball. I have tremendous respect for hockey and it's players, and I watch every Duck's game I can, but to honestly compare it to Football, Basketball, or Baseball is just rediculous.
Canadien: Oh did you catch that Hockey game yesterday?

American: Hockey? They dont even have that on TV in America most of the time.


American: Well, usually I like to watch Football, Basketball, or Baseball.


American: Go watch some hockey fag

Canadien: Ok
Spikesy가 작성 2006년 07월 04일 (화)
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