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The latest trend among hipsters and indie kids in the UK. Hipster skinheads are young (usually middle class) people who take influence from '70s and '80s British skinhead fashion. They typically wear polo shirts or plaid/checked shirts buttoned up to the top, along with skinny jeans, Dr. Martens or Converse high tops and perhaps a military jacket. An important accesory is a pair of braces (known in the US as suspenders) to hold the jeans up. Hipster skinheads often have the back and sides of their head shaved, leaving the top long, although some have their head completely shaved.

Apart from dress sense, there are few other common features between hipster skinheads. Many listen to hardcore punk: both from the newer wave of bands that have recently received some popularity with the indie press (such as Gallows, Fucked Up and Rolo Tomassi); and also classic old-skool bands (such as Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Agnostic Front). Another common feature is that many hipster skinheads love the film This Is England, which is very influential upon their fashion. Like other hipsters, they tend to be fairly skinny, although unlike other hipsters some sport fairly macho tattoos.

Interestingly, there has been a revival of skinhead fashion among non-hipsters in the UK as well, particularly chavs but also some punks. The general resurgence of skinhead fashion in the UK is reflected by the appearance of the character Cook in the popular British TV series Skins. However, Cook is not really a hipster skinhead.

It is important to note that hipster skinheads are not, as a rule, racist. In fact, like other hipsters, they tend to lean politically to the left, despite the fact that skinheads tend to be associated traditionally with right-wing politics.
Asian guy: "Oh shit, look at those skinheads coming our way! We're in for some trouble!"
Other guy: "Nah, don't worry man, they're just skinny hipster skinheads."
HallOfMirrors가 작성 2009년 04월 20일 (월)
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