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a person that claims to be a 'hippy' (most often from guelph) but is rather in fact quite contrary to the oldschool definition of peace and love. Instead they tend to be terribly pretentious, condescending, snobbish, think they're the shit etc.

They also try to make it look as though they put no thought or effort whatsoever into picking their attire, but really they put as much if not moreso attention into NOT matching, (like hippies are expected to) or looking like they haven't applied themselves to the task of dress/hygeine.

Also, they love to hold style and co-ordination against those who have a little more security in their self and identity. But being put together doesn't make one shallow of course. Appreciation for line/seam/colour and putting them together as a form of self expression or fun, should not be deemed automatically synonymous with empty scenesterism - especially not by people who are just as much scenesters if not more so, just pretending they're not at all at all.

Unaccepting. Exclusive. Contrary to the term hippy - yet they sure as heck seem to think they are. Or would like so for the world to perceive them as such open harmonious things (this is not at all the case).

This term was derived by yusef. but i can't help but feel immensely it couldn't possibly be more appropriate to apply to what I had to grow up surrounded by in guelph.
see: guelph,ontario high school and a surprising amount of post highschool (a result of what happens if one stays in guelph too long, a life of hippycritism) kids.
post dated가 작성 2005년 07월 10일 (일)
A person who is simultaneously impressed by the a definition on urban dictionary for its verbal prowess, creativity, absurdity, humour, etc. and at the same time disgusted or morally outraged by the definition and proceeds to give the def. the thumbs up followed immediately by the thumbs down, just to be fair.
hippy-crit: HAHAHAHAHHAH! The shocker! I've never laughed so hard in my life. Thumbs up! However anal penetration is wrong and not what Jesus would have wanted, so thumbs down.
p@$$ing thr.ugh가 작성 2010년 01월 16일 (토)
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