I'm sorry, I can't support her! Hillary Clinton supports MFN with China, three strikes laws, backdoor bureaucractic health care, and is a racist. She isn't a Socialist, she should be though! I'm voting for John Kerry if he runs again!
Man, Hillary Clinton will be the next Jimmy Carter
Catholiccommunist가 작성 2006년 04월 09일 (일)
A woman who is a crazy bitch who wants to take away money from people that have earned it so that the government can spend it on a Clinton Memorial and studies showing how people like their hamburgers cooked. Sane people will never vote for this radical crazy woman who, if she ever was elected president would ask Europeans to help her transform America into a copy of France
College People Against Hillary
alex121가 작성 2005년 06월 25일 (토)
a liberal feminist bitch, she has already been president. if she follows the footsteps of bill, she will have some crack addict under her desk licking on her cunt. but then how do you tell the differance between her mouth and her pussy?
i would fuck her in the ass. no lube and have my best friend shoving his cock in her mouth at the same time. maybe that would straightin the bitch out
l-g가 작성 2005년 02월 27일 (일)
The 45th President of the United States
Hillary Clintonis such an inspiration to women everywhere
HillaryInTheHouse가 작성 2016년 08월 26일 (금)
When you make a decision that seems good at the time, but then later it bites you in the ass.
Variations: Hillary, HRC, Rodham (the latter said with pretentious British accent)
Or, past-tense: Hillary'd, HRC'd, Rodham'd
1. Wow, eating that quesadilla for breakfast with El Chapo was probably the most HRC thing I've ever done. Now I've got the shits and this prison cell is tiny.

2. It was nice letting the car warm up in the garage, but I came out of a coma a week later from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and am bankrupt from my medical bills. I should've voted for universal healthcare. I guess I really Hillary Clinton'd this one.

3. It's so *Rodham* to support spontaneous international military action.

4. I probably could've saved my family from the house fire, but I HRC'd out of there as fast as I could.
Bartoletto가 작성 2016년 09월 18일 (일)
the biggest joke in the world.
she is a "MONSTER". if u look her up in google images there are some scary pics. she has the ugliest daughters in the WORLD! she has a stick up her ass and that is why bill clinton let monica lowenski drop dome on him. another reason why she's a joke she is a trick because she let that man make her look like a fool but she stayed with him that shows who has the upper hand which is why she sholdnt be president she is not a leader shes a joke. one day their might be a women for president but it will never be her
Hillary clinton is nothing but a trick ass!
wanna hear a joke? go listen to hillary clinton's bullshit
bailey harper가 작성 2008년 03월 07일 (금)
Stupid liberal bitch who would destroy america
hillary clinton was pms'n over GTA when there are much more important issues to take care of. Taxes would soar through the roof and she would have hard working Americans paying medicare for lazy bums who sit on their ass and dont do shit all damn day!
antihillary!가 작성 2007년 03월 25일 (일)
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