Motorcycle roadracing term used to describe a crash in which the bike is leaned over while cornering and flips back up towards the outside (i.e. the high side). A high side usually occurs when rear wheel traction is suddenly lost and the rider's panic causes him to abruptyl close (chop) the throttle. As a result, the rear wheel suddenly and forcefully regains traction, violently flipping the bike away from the direction of lean and throwing the rider skyward. Most racing injuries occur as a result of a high side since the rider has much further to fall.

The flip side of this (no pun intended) is a low side crash. These crashes are usually minor since the rider falls off much closer to the ground.
That clueless squid lost the rear halfway through Turn 7, chopped the throttle and high sided his brand new, chromed out R1 into the hay bales.
razer가 작성 2006년 12월 21일 (목)
Top Definition
Old School Biker term for a crash where the bike and rider slide over the outer edge (highside) of a curve form losing traction due to wet or rough pavement, excessive speed, or, more than likely, simply showing one's ASS, drunk, stoned or sober!
Dumbfuck was drunk & stupid, showin' his ass when he highsided off Deadman's Curve!
GrizzlyIX가 작성 2006년 09월 01일 (금)
to ignore or disrespect someone by not acknowleding their presence.
Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant가 작성 2003년 10월 05일 (일)
A type of motorcycle crash wherein the rider is catapulted over the motorcycle as a result of the rear wheel losing traction, sliding out to one side, and then abruptly regaining traction while still out-of-line with the front wheel. Much more dangerous than a lowside.

Can be used as a noun or a verb:
Verb: "He was leading the race until he highsided coming out of the eighth turn."
Noun: "I've wrecked many times, but nothing is more terrifying than a highside."
squidhater가 작성 2005년 10월 01일 (토)
showin' out, showin' off; high sidin'
"It don't quit, as I get high
from K.C. to H-Town, connectin SouthSide
Now we worldwide, watch me highside
Fat Pat blowin killa, can't be denied"
-Fat Pat, "Wanna be a Baller"

"...old boy was high sidin' in his caddy...."
jbb가 작성 2006년 02월 16일 (목)
to clown on a biatch
"man i saw this nasty ass hoe, i gave her the high side"
?가 작성 2003년 04월 20일 (일)
noun: The more elevated side of a white-water raft that is either hung up or about to be hung up on a rock.

verb: To lean on the highside of a white-water raft to prevent the other side from being sucked under by the current, which will probably flip the raft.
When the rapid sent our raft out-of-control into a rock, the guide shouted "highside!" and everyone on my side, the far side of the raft from the rock, piled onto the other side.
Whiskey Zulu가 작성 2003년 12월 07일 (일)
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