Persian for "a fart", especially a loud one.
You try to hold it in all day, then you let out a massive gooz in your sleep.
LudwigVan가 작성 2003년 11월 10일 (월)
Top Definition
A Persian word meaning fart in English.
Was that a gooz? Shame on you!
Moo가 작성 2004년 11월 26일 (금)
A code word meaning Weed and/or the act of smoking Weed.
"Im light on gooz tonight, can you hook a brotha up?"

"Tryna Gooz?"
#weed #bud #tree #marijuana #mary jane #dat kush #cannibus #green #dank #brocolli
tdubzz opptimous prime가 작성 2009년 09월 06일 (일)
A word used in place of any other word, usually a curse word.
What the gooz are you doing?
#antonyms: hell #ass #shit #damn #fuck
Class Of 07가 작성 2007년 04월 25일 (수)
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