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Brutal and more subtle strategies and tactics by the politicians, police, courts, corporations, and the 1% to suppress the right to free speech and the right to public assembly with regards to social, economic, and political justice. This is often done in the form shooting war veterans in the face with rubber bullets, tear gassing and beating and arresting defenceless bystanders, woman, children, protesters and the press with clubs and military like assaults. The beatings and violence suppression tactics are purported to be for public health and safety purposes (of the 1%).

This is often in contrast to the suppressors efforts to accommodate a small minority within the 1% (.0001% that destroyed the economy) by failing to enforce laws, writing new laws to make illegal activities legal, and providing perverse incentives, perverse subsidies, perverse bonuses, perverse tax breaks, perverse corporate transfer of wealth from the shareholders to the top management that increase social and economic injustice and destroy the economy for the 99%. The brutal tactics are supplemented by much more repressive tactics governmental by goons of the 1% that write laws and self-regulate their activities, since these methods are more pervasive and detrimental to the 99.9%
Someone should talk to the Koch Brothers about sponsoring a tea party for the Mayors and Governors to discuss improved methods for "gooning for the 1%". These Occupy Wall Street people are getting to be a public nuisance, and want to slow the transfer of wealth and power from the poor to the rich. The Occupiers also want to criminalize illegal activities of the 1%.
mlhiss가 작성 2011년 11월 15일 (화)
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