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1. A pretentious piece of equipment that serves no practical purpose, originated from TV show "Hogan's Heroes".

2. (DOD FX13 Gonkulator Modulator) An effect pedal for electric guitar.
Nothing to type, nothing to say, and this gonkulator is super fucking gay.
Leprotic Pate가 작성 2004년 03월 06일 (토)
A gadget that serves no particular purpose except demonstrating the geekiness of the owner.
Someone else: So what's that thing sitting on your desk?
Me: It's a gonkulator, duh.
quasi가 작성 2004년 02월 07일 (토)
This is a part made for an 1967 austin cooper S in 1979 by me. It was used to keep the car engine cool as they were notorious for cracked heads and overheating. It consists of a gallon jug filled with water, a rubber 2' rubber hose connected to the top of the jug, a rubber hose from the jug to a copper tube with holes drilled at 1/2" spacing mounted in front of the radiator. You simply blew on the hose connected to the jug and water would be delivered in front of the radiator cooling it off just enough so that the car would not go into the red. Repairing the head made this item obsolete :) My twin brother came up with the name the first time we used it on a fishing trip.
This gonkulator is a part used on a 1967 austin cooper S right hand drive to alleviate overheating :)
Gonkulator가 작성 2012년 06월 10일 (일)
In addition to the above definitions, Gonkulator is a band from Woburn, Massachusetts, who purport themselves to be the world's foremost farcical "black metal" band.

A big fan of the band introduced Gonkulator to several of his friends here in Davis, CA, and thus a strong following for Gonkulator was developed here.

None of us knew what Gonkulator actually meant before it became the name of the guitar effects pedal, so someone took the liberty to make the word mean whatever he wanted it to mean, and thus it became another synonym for vagina. I like it better than "pussy" myself.

From there, the verb "gonkulate" was spawned, and that is "to produce a secretion from the vagina or female ejaculate."
"Dude, don't go in that gonkulator without a raincoat unless you wanna catch something!"
djrijk가 작성 2004년 07월 05일 (월)
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