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a plain out marafag who sends out pics of her tits to anyone who asked, typical maraslut. claims not to have done it, but there's proof, and she'd probably show them to you too if you asked!
appears naked in many of her facebook profile pictures and used to show one showing pretty much all of her titty cleavage, shame noone told her big tits don't count if you're fat.
regular faggy poster in rc, also known as gogusfag, the typical troll bait although they always seem to fail at trolling her due to her oh so clever comebacks, basically a bitch who needs to die, and nobody alive likes. apart from some faggy also gaga-worshipping 'frands'.
most known as marapets' biggest slut and self-labeled bisexual.
"oh my god did you hear about that rachie girl, shes only 13 and she thinks shes bisexual LOLOL quick let me pretend to be friends with her to get infos!" - putaringonit555
"yea she showed me her tits *fap*" - jaygrundy12
"omg rachie wudnt" - random fellow faggot of hers
"HEY WHO WANTS TO SEE MY TITS LOL" - gogusc1 aka gogusfag
marapets.com가 작성 2010년 09월 06일 (월)
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