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Pertaining to a person on the dance floor who is simply "in the zone" when dancing. The person no longer knows there is a audience around them viewing their simply amazing (or atrocious) dance moves. It last for at least 30 seconds and only god knows how long it could last for....
Daaaaaaaam, That mutha fucka was gettin it at the club tonight!!
MrTallyMon가 작성 2011년 01월 22일 (토)
Gettin money.. see example.

"You should be gettin it..
Get it while the gettin is good.."
- Too $hort
ReenaD가 작성 2007년 11월 18일 (일)
Refers to a person who is strutting or "working it." The person who's "gettin' it" can be either male or female.
(Early morning in a school gym)
Student 1: Those kids are getting loud they better quiet down before a teacher yells at them.

(teacher walks across the gym floor to the loud students)
Student 2: There's the teacher.
Student 1: Look at her... she's gettin' it!
skylar040가 작성 2010년 10월 21일 (목)
"Gettin' it" is used to describe anyone doing anything. As long as this thing is being done in a matter that is "hard as fuck".

One who is "gettin' it" cannot be criticized, because they are having one hell of a good time. However, while "gettin' it" you may look foolish.

When a group of people is really "gettin' it" look to join in on the fun.
Guy 1: Damn, do you see that guy dancing over there.

Guy 2: Yea, dude looks life a fool.

Guy 3: He's going hard as fuck though.

Guy 1: Yea, he's gettin' it!
ENZO_5가 작성 2010년 11월 14일 (일)
The acts of going hard, doing something better than you think anyone else can, out-doing yourself, and exceeding your previous limits in any and all aspects of life. This term can apply to ANYTHING you do just as long as you're doing it with all of your strength and ability. Don't be a pussy.
"Damn dude I was GETTIN IT last night! I woke up this morning with no pants on, 2 girls passed out in my hotel room with me, empty bottles everywhere, and all my money spent. I'm about to GET IT again tonight!"

"My boy just got laid for the first time and he's 31 years old! He's finally GETTIN IT bro!"

"I gotta get out, grind, and make some more money today. Every day I'm just out GETTIN IT. If you ain't out GETTIN IT, you should be out GETTIN IT!"
@GettinnIt가 작성 2012년 11월 06일 (화)
Being hit on by a member of the opposite sex; mostly a girl hitting on a guy. Quite prevalent on Facebook, where any interaction between the girl and guy can get hijacked by numerous people saying, "Damn, I see you gettin' it!"

Also often used sarcastically. When it is obvious that the girl doesn't actually like the guy, people may assert that he is "gettin' it" even though he isn't. Prevalence increases when the girl enjoys leading the guy on.
Girl: Awww, your picture is soooo cuteee!!
Guy: Thanks :)
Friend 1: Damn, I see you gettin' it!
Friend 2: damn i see you gettin it!!
Friend 3: Dayumm, I really see you gettin' it!!!!
Girl: You guys are really immature
Guy: Yeah it's getting really old

Friend 1: Did you see what she said to him on Facebook last night?
Friend 2: Yeah and she was all over him at that party too
Friend 1: He's gettin' it fer sure
Friend 2: True dat
Skull64가 작성 2010년 03월 07일 (일)
Someone who is on a roll not giving one f*** about life.
He was in Vegas for 3 nights gettin it!
juice 가 작성 2014년 05월 29일 (목)

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