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first of all, you can get geeked up from many differnt drugs including; meth, cocaine, ecstasy.
the feeling of being geeked up includes; talking rapidly, talking an excessive amount, not feeling the need for food or sleep. usually your senses are stronger, and your heart beats faster. some people may shake, get hot, sweat etc.
here's something most people don't think about when they get geeked up. geek drugs like cocaine, ice, etc. have come downs which is when the drug starts to wear off.
this feeling can make some people want to commit suicide, cry, and sometimes just break down.
if you are suicidal it's not in your best intrest to mess with any sort of drug, besides weed.
the time period that you are geeked up, depends on the drug, meth can last up to about 2 days.
cocaine lasts around 45 minutes.
ecstasy usually lasts anywhere from 3-6 hours. but i have experienced ex pills that last over 12.
before anyone tries any serious drug like all of these, they should seriously make sure they are going to be able, to make sure every time they do these drugs, they see the fine line between want and need. these drugs are very addictive, and can ruin your life, but if you have a hold on them they can be very pleasureable and fun.
Stacy told me she got geeked up last night from cocaine.

Ben lost 15lbs in one week from being geeked up.
samanthathemotherfuckingprincess가 작성 2007년 03월 10일 (토)
Being high on blow, ice or any other amphetamine.

"I'm geeked up and I cant see and all the walls keep lookin at me

I tell myself theres nothin wrong but I cant stop grittin my teeth

I cant eat I cant sleep I just geek I just geek"

Slowboat가 작성 2006년 11월 29일 (수)
"Geeked Up" is another way to say you are fucked up on something. Usually meth, cocaine, or something similar. However Marijuana is not included. (You'll look silly if you claim to be "geeked" on weed.)

Warning: I do NOT recommend Meth. You've been warned. It's very addictive, and you will get addicted quick. You'll love every moment, up until you come to your rock bottom, having fucked you entire life up you will then realize you've sold your soul to the Devil. Crystal is not your friend. She will take your money from you, as well as your friends, family, and even your life.
"Bruh, I'm so geeked!"
"Dude I know! You can tell just by looking at you that you're geeked up!"
"That Crystal was bomb dude, what can I say?"
ThatGeekedChick가 작성 2015년 11월 27일 (금)
1) When one beats the "cool" out of another.

2) Can be used as a replacement for the term "F**ked Up".
You're about to get geeked up for laying a finger on my butterfinger.
JoyseyBetch가 작성 2011년 08월 09일 (화)
To get extremely high on coke, heroine, LSD, molly (MDMA) any drug like that.
We got some good ass molly last night , I was geeked up!
its ling ling가 작성 2010년 02월 14일 (일)
Coming from the newly dance craze "Jerkin", being "geeked up" either means to be in the hype, getting ready to Jerk, or simply dressing for the part of Jerkin.
We pulled up to the party I take off my shirt and, got geeked up everybody jerkin - Legacy From The "New Boyz"

Im Geeked Up !
C.o.T.C가 작성 2009년 08월 30일 (일)
the act of having swagger and steeze, the type of gear you wear when jerkin
mayne we was jerkin so hard so we gotta stay geeked up.
man made of gingerbread가 작성 2009년 09월 04일 (금)
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