A person who is addicted to games. They usually respond to names like Mario, and Luigi, yet are often confused of who said it. Usually they never respond to their own names. They play games for hours on end until their eyes hurt and they are forced to quit, due to not blinking while they are intensely playing the game.
Scenario 1:

Person: Hey what's up gamer?
Gamer: Nothing much.

Scenario 2:

Person: Hey what's up allen?
Gamer(allen):(No response)

Scenario 3:

Person: Hey what's up Mario?
Gamer: Luigi did you just say my name?
Tarantino is Da Bomb가 작성 2007년 01월 28일 (일)
Simply put a virgin. Someone that doesn't realize that having 40,000 gamer points doesn't mean anything in the real world, but their obesity from sitting around all day does. Usually use words such as Artard, Noob, and "Ranking up"
Interviewer - So why do you think you deserve this job?

Gamer - Because Artard I powned a couple noobs and got my Halo rank up to a 50. I also have 40,000 gamer points.

Interviewer - So that explains the obesity. Do you like girls?

Gamer - Of course Artard , I have a wife in second life
1reallife가 작성 2009년 08월 18일 (화)
n. a person with no life beyond the keyboard and/or controllers that they so desperately cling to on a daily basis.
Gamer's have no life.
acidbathory가 작성 2009년 01월 08일 (목)
A lazy fag who does nothing but sit around and play viedo games all day. This Can be any viedo games, including: X-box, Playstation, wii, game cube, pc games, and hand held games.(psp, game boy, etc...)
Kid 1: What do you want to do?
Kid 2: I dont know.
Kid 3: We could go inside and play viedo games.
Kids 1 & 2: hahaha
Kid 1: Shut up.
Kid 2: yeah, dont be such a gamer!
The one who made you 2가 작성 2009년 07월 13일 (월)
Anyone who sits on their ass all day and plays video games either on the computer or video game system. Usually overweight for they sit on thier continually enlarging ass and eat Doritos and beans while ruining the controller. Also they usually smell because they have no regular shower times, only when they can put the controller down for a few minutes. Often enough they forget the most important places to wash while in the shower for they can only think of video games. They also continually collect every video game they can get their hands on, even if they don't like it just so they can say they have more than you and have played every game. Will also brag about knowing "everything" about every video game. Normally work in a video store/game store so they can get discounts on their addiction. Will not go to college for they only have one talent and wouldn't want to waste money on college that could be for video games.

Possibly also soon to develop the ever popular "Moobs".

Also see: soon to be evicted and living with their Grandmother in her basement because they overdraft too much on video games.
Gamer: I'm sorry baby, I can't pay rent, I overdrafted on my lame ass PS2 games that I don't even play.

Girlfriend: Then I guess you won't get your Xbox 360.

Gamer: I'm leaving you for someone who understands my needs more!!!
Henryeta가 작성 2008년 08월 07일 (목)
A gamer is a person who gave up on reality so he/she wants to devote their lives in becoming king or queen of the gamer nerds (Online gamers). Console gamers are losers in reality so they enjoy escaping reality by playing as the main character of a story where they are the hero. They believe chicks dig gamers by looking at pictures of expos where women are PAID to model for companies, when in reality, attractive chicks would do everything to avoid people like them.

Frequently, gamers also watch anime and are religious as these two latter things also help them escape reality.

Gamers also rarely read anything and don't actively stand up for real issues in the REAL world and try to improve it for future generations.

Gamers should invest their time and energy into reality and other fruitful endeavors.

Stupid gamers marvel at the salary of pro gamers, but seem to fail to realize that pro games will only make that amount of money as long as that game is popular (most games don't last that long in popularity) and once that game becomes unpopular, the progamer is negative in the real (negative as in negative as in social skills, REAL social networks, knowledge of reality, useful skills in the workplace,etc).

Reality vs fantasy world? Does this have to even be a question?
Gamers are stupid.
GamersAreLosers가 작성 2010년 01월 29일 (금)
A person who plays video games excessively each and every day, frequently allowing all their free time to be consumed by video games. These individuals frequently think they are smart, but are not as they spend all their time rotting their minds with video games rather than learning new skills. They are frequently quick to anger when losing on a video game because they have lost the ability to fully differentiate between games and reality. Most gamers are socially deficient and have "geek" or "nerd" qualities. Gamers are frequently virgins and rarely have any contact with the opposite sex. In the extremely rare case that a gamer somehow acquires a girlfriend, she usually leaves him within a few weeks after she learns that he is doomed to be a loser for the rest of his life because of his attachment to video games.
If you play video games excessively every day, you're a gamer. If you don't maybe you're not a gamer. If you don't agree with this definition, you can go fuck yourself.
PENIX­가 작성 2009년 02월 24일 (화)

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