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the preppiest and most expensive school ever
aargh! I've got to go to Friends academy
John가 작성 2003년 10월 19일 (일)
A school that is based on diversity that ends up being 95% multi millionaires and even billionaires and than 5% different poor ethnicity groups that end up feeling way out of place because there parents drive old mini vans and old hondas instead of range rovers, Mercedes, and BMW. 1/2 the kids are jewish even though it s a quaker school. AND then there is meeting for worship when everyone sits in silence for 45 min every single week. oooo and did i forget to mention that every girl is a copy of the next wearing lactose, ralph lauren, j crew, lesters, or some over priced dress from bloomingdales. This is what most people call living the good life i call it prison!!
Why is the world do i go to friends academy?? ooo yeah its for a good education.
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saicgcreabhebr가 작성 2008년 09월 08일 (월)
a small sample of the world that it gives u a false sense of unlovingnesss
everybody at friends academy s me.
anonoymous가 작성 2005년 04월 19일 (화)
the prepiest prep school ever with spoiled kids left and right. So many ungreatful kids and preps everywhere. the rules are messed up and meeting for worship is so boaring.
#preppy #not fun #rich #spoiled kids #preps
cellphonehouse112683가 작성 2009년 04월 17일 (금)
Characterized by the following:
1. Every Thursday, the entire high school is crammed into a tiny cabin, called a meeting house. The students sit on uncomfortable benches (if you're lucky, if you're not...stairs) and stare at each other for an hour, silently. The torture ends when two people shake hands, and everyone stampedes out. This is Meeting for Worship and the only Quaker practice that remains, never mind about respect and kindness.
2. Good food, I have to admit.
3. Suckish school trips. Need I have to remind anyone about Outdoor Education?
4. The worst orchestra- ever.
5. An awesome Jazz Band.
6. Bagels on Thursdays, mmm.
7. Strict rules.
8. DPs. Enough said.
You know you've been to Friends Academy when you've had one of the following situations happen:


*twenty minutes later*


*half an hour later*

"Get out of my way, bitches!" -pushing & shoving-

(that was meeting for worship)

Teacher: Wasn't that fun, guys?
Student A: I am never going camping again. I want to kill myself.
Student B: I can't believe that I'm actually happy to see a port-a-potty.
Student C: You made us hike for miles with 30-pound backpacks! I slept under the rain!
Teacher: Ohoho, so enthusiastic! I'm glad you liked it.

Baskind: Eating in the social space, hmmm? DP!
Kid: But!
Baskind: No! No arguments!
Kid: -muttering- bastard.

I'm so glad that the orchestra is finished! Look, it's the Jazz Band's turn!

Teacher: -whips out ruler- Your skirt is 3 milimeters above your knee. Detention!
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Disgruntled Student.가 작성 2009년 12월 12일 (토)
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