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- a person that shows up everywhere on facebook via threads and/or makes a comment on everything.

- someone that posts inappropriate comments & pictures. (facebook *"felony")

- someone that talks non-stop about facebook in real life.

- someone that clicks "like" on every post.

- someone that always starts up chats when your chat is "online"

- someone that has nothing better to do than stay on facebook

- an aunt, uncle, grandparent, old weird schoolmate, etc. that stays in yours & everyone else's business on facebook.

** also, any act by a facebook felon is a facebook felony. Tho a facebook felony is not always committed by a facebook felon. Sometimes a facebook felony is a normal person that made an inappropriate choice.
"I was going to post that picture, but i knew Betsy would have commented immediately and no one would have said anything after that.. she's a total facebook felon."

"I was going to talk to Juan, but he was with Betsy and you know that facebook felon was chatting up about every facebook post ever! I wish she could just enjoy the party so we could too."

jane: "go online with your chats so we can talk at work!"

john: "i would, but i always get hit up by Betsy and she talks forever and gets mad when i don't immediately respond, so it's just not worth it."
jane: "ugh, i know, she's definitley the facebook felon of the year with all that mess."

"I'm done with Betsy. She committed the ultimate facebook felony by posting all her pictures from Steve's jello party. I wish you could go to jail for being a facebook felon."

"Marie is no facebook felon, but she definitely gets a facebook felony charge for those comments about child pornography on Ali's baby pictures."
JFurbandictionary가 작성 2011년 02월 03일 (목)
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