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A facebook fan-addict is a person who becomes a fan of almost every single fan page that facebook has to offer. These individuals spend most of their time looking for pages that they closely associate with. These individuals believe that by becoming fans of such pages, it reflects their personality.

Another reason facebook fan-addicts might join such pages is because the fan page may contain a humorous picture. However, most of these pages on facebook require that a user first become a fan in order to see the content. Human curiosity will take over the fan-addict, so they will almost inevitably join the fan page in order to see the content.

A facebook fan-addict is easy to spot. On a regular user's account, a notification will appear once a friend has joined a group. If that particular friend has become a fan of a page, "along with 38 other profiles", then that friend is most likely a facebook fan-addict.

There are no known cures for facebook fan-addiction. The best a fan-addict can do is join enough pages to the point where facebook will not let them become a fan of anymore pages. The current limit for fan pages that a single user can have is around 2000. After that, a fan-addict faces 2 difficult choices: give up becoming a fan of pages, or remove themselves from some of their fan pages in order to make room to become a fan of other pages.
Bob: "Hello Joe. Have you seen Bill anywhere? I haven't seen him for a few days."

Joe: "I heard Bill has become a facebook fan-addict. All he does now is stay up in his room searching through facebook for pages he can become a fan of."
Big-O-392가 작성 2010년 04월 12일 (월)
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