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(interjection) an exclamation of disgust
I just stepped in a horse turd--ew!
Disgruntled American가 작성 2004년 06월 28일 (월)
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word used to describe something gross
GIRL # 1- EWWW, Spiders

AC가 작성 2003년 12월 19일 (금)
a word us girls use to describe most guys
Jackie: Look! That dude is so skinny, he should be Nicole Richie!
Rachel: EW!
Karina M가 작성 2008년 04월 10일 (목)
The sound you would think a koala would make.

To make this "ew" sound yourself, you have to say "EW!" really quickly, in a high-pitched voice.

Now doesn't that sound like what a koala should sound like?
Mom: EW!
Child: Mom, stop being such a silly momma koala!
RicaRick가 작성 2010년 11월 28일 (일)
something that's horrible
"omg, he just shat on the carpet"
fngk가 작성 2008년 08월 11일 (월)
It means that someone is calling you gross. It's an insult.
Joseph: Hello, people! Guess who I am?
Jimmy: You are so ew! =/
Himitaka Tumashi가 작성 2005년 01월 01일 (토)
Eternal Wannabe
unpopular girl: OMG I LUV YOUR SHOES!!!

popular girl: *turns around to friend
She is so EW.

popular girl #2: totes
NoTaLoSeRpOoSeR가 작성 2012년 02월 01일 (수)

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