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A place you go when you think you are going to die, but want somebody else to pay for it.
Dude, I got no money for a doctor, take me to the emergency room.
Guido1가 작성 2008년 03월 13일 (목)
The emergency room is literally the worst place to be not because of the fact that you just crushed your entire hand and its gushing blood while a woman with a cold is rushed into a room with 3 Residents and an ER Doc but because you will literally see the scum of america.Usually you'll see a fat chick nursing a baby in clothes that really should have been left at home/never scene in public with, some random hobo in smelly shitty clothes, shanqiqi who is either bitching about her boyfriend on the phone or making up a story as to how there child "fell down the stairs" and managed to get a spiral fracture, crying baby that probably makes you want to go postal, tough lumbar jack like dude with like some insane injury just sitting there, drug seekers who "lost there MS Contin" and seam to do so on a regular basis or maybe its the guy who "accidentally spilled his Opana ER down a sour pipe", etc.
After waiting 7 and a half hours in front of a bunch of chuckle heads looking to score some dilaudid you get in and the doctor usually looks at you like your an alien. If its a broken limb you usually get a cast and a bottle of Vicodin. If you have some mysterious ailment you usually have 4 residents scratching there head while some half retarded physicians assistant who's "scene it all" explains that you just have a tummy ache. But this is not before they take a bunch of your blood, do random tests and give you enough radiation from the CT scan,MRI,Xray to give a child terminal cancer.
-After getting hit by a car while bicycling John crawled to the ER for over an hour with two broken femurs and structural damage to his femural artery. When he reached the medical twilight zone that is the Emergency Room he was told to take a seat while jimal and gramps were scene by doctors for stuffy noses.

-Shit I broken my arm...ah its off to the wonderful freak show that is the Emergency Room!!!

-Emergency Room: Saving the world from seeing its primary care doctor, Would you like some dilaudid with that?
CTU_FieldAgent200가 작성 2011년 02월 18일 (금)
A song by Rihanna and Akon that has leaked on the internet a bit early. People arent sure wether or not it is akon but it is. Rihanna for sure because she has her name said in the song towards the end. People think Ray L is the one doing Akons part but it has been confirmed that its Akon and he just isnt using autotunes, so he sounds a little different. Very good song. About a woman finding out her man is cheating and hes going to be in the emergency room because he'll die without her.
"You gon' be in the emergency room, i'm standing by your bed and so tempted to pull outcha IV. You gon' be in the emergency room, im fighting with myself, i cant hurt ya even though you hurt me."
joeythewoody가 작성 2009년 01월 19일 (월)
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