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1. (meteorology and fire science) n. A lightning bolt that touches the ground or a grounded object, (a common cause of wildland fires). v. Touch the ground as a lightning bolt.

2. (typing, keyboarding, and music) n. The action of pressing a key on the keyboard of a typewriter or keyboard instrument. v. Strike a keyboard key. adj. The kind of typewriter that has a mechanical keyboard, which requires strong downstrikes upon the keys.

3. (warfare) n. A downward chopping attack in hand-to-hand melee or combat.

4. (music) n. A downward plucking motion on a stringed instrument. v. Pluck downward.

5. (music) proper noun; the name of at least three different newly formed garage bands in the eastern United States of America since 2002.

6. (geography and geology) n. A downward direction.

7. (sport fishing and fishing industry) n. A downward tug on a fishing line. v. Tug downward on a fishing line as a fish, or as a prank played upon a fellow fisherman who has fallen asleep.

8. (cyberculture) proper noun; me.
1. There's a smoke column where that downstrike hit.

2. I used to have a downstrike typewriter.

3. Comments mentioning downstrikes on the Internet used to be about using battle axes; now they're about using light sabers.

4. It's a note, not a chord; just downstrike.

5. With three bands named Downstrike, at least one of them should be good.

6. The fault is downstrike from the ridge.

7. That downstrike is what I'm waiting for.

8. Typewriters and rock bands come and go, but when you Google downstrike I'm at the top of the results.
Downstrike가 작성 2006년 09월 16일 (토)
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