A person that only wants a girl for sex then finds out she won't give it to him, and decides to screw with other girls. He also likes to lie to girls and tell them how much has changed and how he respects them and their wishes. After he has convinced the girl of this, he pushes their limits, ignores what they say, and eventually gets what he wants from someone who will give it to him.
Boys whose names start with R trick me into thinking that they are really sweet, nice, and respectful of my morals. Unfortunately, they turn into douche bags and decide to be deceitful and lie... a lot.
DrUnKoFfMoUnTaInDeW가 작성 2010년 10월 18일 (월)
A person that thinks they are extremely cool or special because they have an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple product. These people tend to be unusually "excited" about their mediocre devices and try extremely hard to let everyone know that they have one by displaying it at all possible times. These people are typically unpaid walking shills for Apple, eager to praise any and all moves made by the company including the emotional/ blabbering defense of any perceived affront.
Look at that douchebag sitting in Starbucks with his iPad propped up on the table turned so everyone can see. Poor schmuck probably thinks it's a laptop. What's that pressed to his temple? Oh of course, an iPhone4. Looks like he can't get good reception, he must be holding it wrong. lol.
The Bone Smuggler가 작성 2010년 07월 12일 (월)
One who boasts about his accomplishments. Usually associated with the term meat-head and or tool. One who puts shirtless pictures of himself on facebook trying to impress the ladies and or dudes. Most douchebags lack girlfriends or undeservingly have an extremely hot girlfriend. There really isnt an in-between. Uses terms like "big, huge, or ripped" when describing himself or "bro, or broseph" when talking about his pals. Usually does not realize his douchebaginess, and thinks he is being cool or impressing when really he is just making himself look like a moron. Usually referred to as "THAT GUY" when outsiders refer to him in response to his douchebaggy behavior.
"I love working out, drinking beer, showing off, and getting my tan on"- douchebag
vag-taster69가 작성 2010년 06월 02일 (수)
is an annoying person who is desprately seeking attention in an unsubtle, non-cool, overused, outdated, out of style, unsophisticated and dramatic way trying to empress but doesn't knows how idiotic, embarassing, annoying and ultimately uncool they appear to society, others and me! ;) hahahaha!
Soulja boy and crew are douchebags writing his name on his shades trying to be so cool along with the overly size clothes they wear! XD
E'man가 작성 2009년 12월 02일 (수)
Adj, Noun: Someone who is completly in a hatered spectrum of yours. The person is a total ass and you hate them for how they come out of no where and talk shit about you, even though they cant back it up.
Me:(just sitting there)
Douche Bag:Hey your a fuck who sucks pussy.
Me:hey, at least i like pussy you douche bag
JaYmIsOn가 작성 2006년 02월 13일 (월)
1) A guy who is full of themselves. An egotist.

2)A party crasher or anyoune else who comes along to spoil a mood.
Hollywood is full of douchebags
Miskatonic Jack 2가 작성 2010년 06월 24일 (목)
1. Arrogant, self-centered, always right.

2. Sleazy, underhanded, scheming, with ulterior motives.
3. Thinks they are good at something they can only perform in a basic manner.
1. Look, I am not going to argue with you about this. You have no idea what my perspective is and to think you do makes you a douchebag.

2. Your wife's former boyfriend who calls after he gets divorced (often for being a douchebag) and then wants to 'catch-up' with her and be your 'friend'.

3. The guy who says he plays guitar and then struggles to choke out 'Smoke on the Water'
lazysod가 작성 2009년 05월 23일 (토)

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