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the ever popular anus
tongue-punching the dirt star, ie tossing salad
Sparky Fister가 작성 2003년 07월 14일 (월)
referencing the anus, looks like a star and is brown or dirt color
Your boss is giving it to ya in the ol' dirt star.
rectum nearly killed em가 작성 2006년 10월 29일 (일)
dirtstar- the way an asshole makes a little dirty "star" when "puckered up".
"get your cat's dirtstar out of my face, plz."
Crowe Basalt가 작성 2005년 04월 13일 (수)
the small circular pattern left in the dirt from a sitting cat.
dude, that cat just left a beautiful dirtstar in the sand!
Mr Tallywhacker가 작성 2006년 06월 20일 (화)
an anus with fecal residue that resembles a star or star fish.
Dan had a hard time cleaning out his dirtstar after eating all that spicy chili.
Dirtstarr가 작성 2013년 12월 10일 (화)
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