someone who dares compare the sexy Ron Perlman to some ugly ass animal
Vita bella가 작성 2015년 01월 31일 (토)
A person that has a big fucking asshole in there head.
Joe your a dipshit stop fucking around
BOBTHEBITCH가 작성 2014년 10월 16일 (목)
Taking a dip, while taking a shit
"Johnny took a dip of skoal. While shitting out his lunch" Johnny loves to dipshit
thedipshitter가 작성 2012년 03월 23일 (금)
the product from a dumbass
Guy1: "That guy is a dipshit."
Guy2: "Well his dad must have been a dumbass."
Awesome72가 작성 2011년 12월 22일 (목)
Someone who is arrogant, always thinks they are right, cannot keep a relationship, very undecisive when it comes to important decisions
My coworker is a dipshit
RJ is retarded가 작성 2011년 09월 22일 (목)
the act of being stupid enough to not put oil in your car and let the engine sieze.
billy: cole is a dip shit. he forgot to put oil in his car now the engine is siezed.

tim: wow what a dip shit
ohyaaaa가 작성 2009년 09월 14일 (월)
someone anoying
people named rory are dipshits
strech1가 작성 2011년 08월 05일 (금)

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