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de gava가 작성 2004년 02월 03일 (화)
Someone who leaves a commitment that person has made.
Usually referring to a soldier or spy.
The punishment for being a deserter is death.
renegade, defector, and traitor
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Transpolar Drift Stream가 작성 2011년 07월 20일 (수)
Term that mouthbreather use to define a person who chose to think for own self and go for own feelings instead of the goals imposed to him or her by peer pressure.

Words you will going to hear from people who have no other grip on you left but to yell at you, when they will see you successfully moving away from the local shithole they're in, and on with your life.

Also known as quitter.
- Hold it Jane and unpack your car this moment! You can never leave me!
- Watch me. (starts engine and begins to drive away)
- You're a quitter! you're a deserter to our family!
- You always were a misogynist asshole. "You are the weakest link" Jack, goodbye. (rolls up window and drives away)

One day soldier Joe woke up and saw that it is insane to win hearts and minds by throwing small metal pebbles with his boomstick at people whom he never met before, or threatening them to do so. For that he was convicted of being deserter and eventually shot dead by firing squad. He died happy man for he knew he saved his soul by not committing to more insanity.

Witold Pilecki, a WW2 hero, he decided to send intel to allies about what nazi germany was doing at concentration camps. He decided on his own to get caught to one of most notorious and infamous Auschwitz death camp. He reported from there horrors of war. However allies were doing nothing, so he escaped it and joined the Warsaw Uprising. After the end of the war he became a well known war-hero. However when Poland became a Soviet occupied territory, he reported crimes of stalinism for countries of the free world. For that he got arrested as a deserter and traitor and sentenced to death three times. His name was removed from history books up until the fall of communism in Poland.
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GhostOfTheInternetFuture가 작성 2012년 11월 06일 (화)
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