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Late for a scheduled event.
He's delayed.
Kee315가 작성 2004년 03월 30일 (화)
A Band who ahve just released their bootiful debut album "faded seaside glamour" which contains such gems as "nearer than heaven", "bedroom scene" and "wanderlust". lovely cocteau twins-esque vocals.
i went to see delays at T in The Park. they were amazing!
Pretty Vacant가 작성 2004년 09월 02일 (목)
Ace rock band from Southampton. Responsible for songs such as 'Nearer Than Heaven' and 'Hey Girl'. Gonna be huge!!
threw your Lego in the lake.....
George Baker가 작성 2004년 02월 11일 (수)
Greg, Aaron, Colin, Rowly. Southampton band. Incredibly cool.
Find out more at
Pete가 작성 2004년 02월 25일 (수)
Southampton band.
Very cool music :)
'Long Time Coming'
'Hey Girl'
Woodchip Challenge가 작성 2004년 01월 28일 (수)
The updated word for "Retard". Retard has become overused and highly offensive, so the (RPA) Retarded Peoples Assosiation changed Mentaly Retarded to Mentaly delayed. Thus the new hateful, rude and demeaning word is Delay
No one gives a fuck about what you got to say Robbie. Your just a fucking delay!

Shit! did u see that delay get struck by that bus?
Delay_destroyer69가 작성 2010년 04월 01일 (목)
Polite way of saying "fucked up" from a position of public responsibility.
"There are delays on the bakerloo line / M6 / completing wembley stadium.
oracle가 작성 2004년 03월 12일 (금)
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