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Standing for Dong Bang Shin Ki, their official name is TVXQ. A South Korean boyband that is very very popular in Asia, especially Korea and Japan, as well as internationally. Consists of five members including Micky Yoochun (originally Park Yoochun), Hero Jaejoong or Youngwoong Jaejoong (originally Kim Jaejoong), U-know Yunho (originally Jung Yunho), Xiah Junsu (originally Kim Junsu), and Max Changmin or Choikang Changmin (originally Shim Changmin). They work through SM entertainment in Korea and Avex entertainment in Japan. They debuted in 2004 as an a capella dance group and through the years have shown their versatility in music styles/genres and dance. The leader is Yunho although he is the second oldest to Jaejoong. These boys have a large fanbase and fans all over the world who love them deeply.
I love DBSK and they're coming to the Hollywood Bowl on May 17, 2008!
Moksha!가 작성 2008년 03월 28일 (금)
The closest thing to perfection on earth.
Newbie:"Why are they so good at singing?!"
Fan: *scoffs* "Duh. It's DBSK."
aly4818가 작성 2009년 08월 18일 (화)
South Korean boy band consisting of 5 members ; DBSK stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki, meaning "Rising Gods of the East"
Other names are TVXQ, DBSG, and Tohoshinki
members of dbsk;;
+ HERO jaejoong (main vocalist, oldest of group)
+ U-KNOW yunho (bass baritone, leader of dbsk, lead dancer)
+ XIAH junsu (tenor)
+ MICKY yoochun (bass baritone)
+ MAX changmin (tenor)

DBSK was formed in 2003 under SM Entertainment, and made their debut in 2004 with the song "Hug".
They are among one of the most popular bands in all of Asia. They can speak Korean and Japanese fluently, as well as a bit of English and Chinese.

Their music is mainly J-Pop / K-Pop / A`cappella .

DBSK has the largest fanbase in the world, Cassiopeia, with over 600,000 official members.
dbsk owns super junior & epik high (:
rt(:가 작성 2008년 05월 20일 (화)
an idol group that has already separated and will never come back since they're suing SM.
"Cassies," their fans are also known for being bullies in the Kpop world. They act so mighty and bash other kpop groups when the group they're protecting is already GONE. They keep on bringing DBSK in every topic that does not even relate to them.
kpopfan: I think this rookie group will be successful!

Cassie: OMFG NUU that will never happen! They look so ugly unlike my DBSK BOYZ! They will never be successful! My boys are LEGGEEEENDZZZZZ!!!!!!!!
chix.가 작성 2010년 09월 01일 (수)
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