1. Slang for "my close acquaintance of an African-American ethnic background"

2. Word to be used in place of a name, or other personal noun or pronoun to be used in place of a name.

3. Another meaningless piece of that hideous massacre of the English language they call ebonics..
Yo dawg whats chillin
LilJOnWhattt가 작성 2005년 07월 30일 (토)
1. Not quite your pet
2. A friend or foe
What's up dawg???!!!!
Gracie cute and sexy가 작성 2004년 10월 03일 (일)
Black people usually slang this word around in the gibberish they say. A "Dawg" is one of their friends.
"Yo Dawg, whats crackin?"
Mason Beveridge가 작성 2004년 02월 23일 (월)
the way a pikey says dog.
The dawg needs to have a shait.
Steinar Kristiansen가 작성 2003년 08월 17일 (일)
1. a schnieve creature
dawg you is such a ducky
dawg13가 작성 2006년 05월 28일 (일)
Naming or calling you friend, simply receiving their attention.
'sup dawg, how's it going?
caddyy가 작성 2005년 12월 01일 (목)
A term used to confirm porch monkey comradery.
Dis happens when Lionel call out to his dawg Tyronne. Yo Tyronne wat up?
Moe Foe가 작성 2005년 03월 30일 (수)

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