A lame ghetto term that boys refer to other men who they consider close friends.
"Yo, dawg', wassa?"
Kate가 작성 2004년 02월 11일 (수)
dog, can mean anything from 'close friend' to 'you peice of trash' but it doesn't have to be send to a person of an Afro-American race, it can be said to anyone of anyrace.
'Whats up dawg' or 'f!@# you dawg'
Nic가 작성 2003년 11월 23일 (일)
person, man
yo dawg that was awesome
Tommy가 작성 2003년 05월 02일 (금)
Dumb Ass White Guy
Wazzup dawg?
Rocket Dawg가 작성 2008년 12월 04일 (목)
Dog But Spelt Differently.
~♥~Lue Lue~♥~가 작성 2008년 07월 12일 (토)
a misspelling of the word "dog," just another word dat contributes in upping the illiteracy of this nation
"watsup dawg?" or "watsup my four-legged domesticated animal?"
your favorite domesticated animal가 작성 2007년 06월 25일 (월)
dawg can b used aslo as in your hands mitsusually used for wen dealing drugs
buyer trys to handle the drug being sold befor paying
Dealer:"get yo dawgs off it"
wyte가 작성 2005년 02월 18일 (금)
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