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the coolest person in the group very funny the girls always want him. people with the name davy usally have the biggest penis.
-hey i wish i was funny like davy-
-i wish i had a penis like him-
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pippy long dong가 작성 2008년 05월 17일 (토)
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Having hot steamy butt sex while beating his/her partner with a sock filled with gravy until it explodes, while inside a locker.
I did a davy to this one girl in the locker room.

When me and my girl Susan were doing the davy her sock burst and sprayed hot gravy on my ballsack.
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swedencookies가 작성 2012년 08월 11일 (토)
n. Drinking game played by two or more players in public, with another person nominated as davies, the nominated person should be unaware that the game is in progress. The participants take it in turns to say the word davies, each having to say it louder than the player before hand. The loser is the person who says the word loud enough to make the davies hear and scream out daviessss.
Note. the davies should be the loudest and most drunk person in the group.
Named after the now famous Mark Davies
Stevie was nominated the davies as the rest of the group played Davies in an Edinburgh pub.
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Gilb3rt가 작성 2006년 05월 18일 (목)
Davies - Pulling out your secondary weapon/s after an unsuccessful sniper shot in the 'Call Of Duty' series.
"Oh fuck! I missed the shot, so I did a Davies."
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davies526 fan가 작성 2013년 01월 21일 (월)
Dumb Ass Version of Yourself
When you're drunk, you become a D.A.V.Y.
#davy #dumb ass #retarded #slow #stupid
mdub783가 작성 2014년 07월 19일 (토)
Verb - An act of violence usually triggered by immense rage.

Will Davies (Present)
To Davies (Future)
Daviesed (Past)
This idiot was annoying me so I picked up a stool, ran over to him and screamed in his face, "If you don't pack it in I will Davies you!"
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Absolute0가 작성 2011년 11월 28일 (월)
1. The sex act known as "the davies" combines both circle-jerking and fellatio to create a singularity of infinite gay. To perform the davies, a man gets down on his knees and pushes his penis down between his thighs. The next man assumes the same position behind the first, while taking the first man's cock in his mouth. The chain continues until the circle is complete.

2. Named after famed producer and screenwriter, Russel T. Davies.
John knelt behind Frankie, suckling his tiny brown cock like a newborn calf. His freckled nose inhaling the sweet aroma of Frankie's distended, gaping rectum. Eagerly, John awaited his prize. He slid his lips forward and backward along Frankie's saliva lubricated shaft, and his nose pounded the older trannie's taint. Then, Frankie's thighs and anus clenched spasmodically, and his cock swelled as shot after shot of hot semen erupted forth and hammered john's tonsils. Tears welled up in John's eyes as he struggled against the urge to gag. In the end, his years of tutelage under the aging transvestite served him well, and he was able to drink almost every drop of jizz. Only a tiny bit leaked from the corners of his mouth, into his ginger beard.

And the it was his turn. John rocked back and forth, punishing the throat of the man behind him as he writhed in ecstasy. The feel of Efren's hot breath in his pubic hair, and the ammonia odor of Frankie's cum in his beard drove him to orgasm. He whimpered and shuddered as he exploded into Efren's hungry mouth.

At that moment, John felt like he was part of something much greater than himself. Greater even than all of these queers gathered in a circle in this seedy West Hollywood motel. He felt a cosmic awareness, an overflowing celestial fountain of infinite gay, like a newly born star exploding into being and casting its light over all creation. He had helped create a davies, an ouroboros of gay with no beginning and no end.
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TrueWho가 작성 2015년 09월 15일 (화)
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