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A Cyber Perv = an extremely common sexual being that lives on the internet. A Cyber Perv tends to be a pervert on internet chat room who is trying to give themselves a good time...over a computer screen? You may think that this sounds so sick it cannot exist, but indeed my friend, I am speaking the truth.

A Cyber Perv is usually a fat, no-hoper from America, seeking sexual fun out of English pre-teens with webcams. To make it even worse, he usually is about 50 years of age.

In order to find a “victim” the Cyber Perv enters an internet chat room, and simply types in “Any young girls want some fun? P2P me. MSN & CAM” In non-cyber perv language, this means. “Are there any young sluts who want to get dirty with an old geezer with MSN and a webcam?” If they get a response in P2P (this means a person to person chat, a somewhat, private way to chat on an internet chat room.) They will advance and ask them their A/S/L. (Age/Sex/Location) Young teenage girls should be warned that if they asked this question, they should simply give a quick, smart comment to knock them off their feet, hopefully this will tell him in the kindest way, to fuck right off. Examples of these smart comments are:
OR, the best one of all…
I’m not a dirty slut for you to take advantage of…DIE CYBER PERV DIE!!!!
"I nearly just got e-raped by a cyber perv"
"That strange looking man looks like a cyber perv."
#perverts #old discusting geezers #peadofiles #loosers #no-hopers.
Becca Spears :)가 작성 2006년 12월 29일 (금)
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