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A group of three amazingly talented and witty women who are the most beautiful people ever, physically and mentally. They consist of vanilla ice dancing vampires named Alexandria, Abigail, and Beth; three sisters who live in Hawaii called Lorelai, Cami, and Sophia; three ghost whisperers often referred to as Rory, Sophia Grace, and Cami who all eat ham; Luna, Ginny, and Keely who were very happy people; light switches, American dragons, spies, witches, French people, and, finally, a pair of twins and their friend who go undercover as men in ABS.
These three young women embrace all the qualities of Cuzopians. Their home, the Cuzop Fortress, is found in Tight Pants Bulgaria and their summer abode can be found in Istanbul, Australia.

Consequently, they all fall in love with boys whose name starts with J, F, I, or B. As well as A, C, D, E, G, H, get the point!
In conclusion, one should aspire to be a cuzop (cousins that hop), but need not apply for any position if you do not like Harry Potter, Arthur, or strawberries.
JohnE: Those cuzops are sexy beasts.
Jason: I know! I call them Stacey!
Brandon from HandChime Choir: But that's not their name.

Sam, Duke of Bacon: Aww, Beth, will you marry me?
Beth: Lemme check with the cuzops. (hushed tones between the three)
Beth: If you marry one, you get 'em all
Sam: That's all right with me. I'll kiss you on the lips if that's all right with you.
Alexandria: Im a city who killed a queen.
Cami: Voulez vous....
Beth: That is all right with me.
chillysunbob가 작성 2009년 11월 24일 (화)
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