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The act of a male performing a wedgie on a female. Or in some cases when a female gives a male a wedgie.
One day me and my two friends were watching the highschool varsity cheerleaders practice. Apparently a few saw us whispering and watching them. (we were just saying how hot they were but how they would never go out with 6th graders) When they finished practicing all of them came over to us and asked if we were talking about them. We got nervous so I just said we werent. they gave us a disgusted look. My friends became real nervous, they looked at each other, and suddenly they began sprinting away. Then the girls looked furious so i decided to try to get away but calmer. That was a horrible idea. I said "hey i have to go so see you later" then i turned and began walking away. Suddenly they all grabed hold of my shirt and started dragging me across the feild. They dragged me into the girls locker room, grabbed hold of my tighty whities, and gave me a hangging wedgie from one of the girls lockers. They all laughed and took pics and one said "Thats what you get for being a little pervert!" Then they left me there and i hung there until the cheerleader coach came in and helped me down. She asked who did this but i was to embarassed to say a bunch of girls gave me the worst wedgie of my life. This was my cross gender wedgie.
Cheerleader wedgie receiver가 작성 2011년 02월 01일 (화)
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