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used both as a noun (when talking about the group) or an adjective (when describing someone who seems like they could be a part of the noun version)

the small yet very impressive group of young individuals who, through strong will and excessive coolness, have created a sacred, and until now, secret group. Though this name may not seem like the name of such an awesome pack, the creators of it did it only to seal off the identity of their pack of perfection. The word "crap" is derived from the English word for poop, feces, or nasty but in the case of the crapxcore gang, it means the opposite. The "x" and the "core" both come from the slang term "hardxcore" meaning that one is extremely "bad ass". So when combined, "crap", "x", and "core" all delightfully form to become the name of the people who will go down in history.

to find someone near you in the crapxcore clan, check for the following actions:

--eat in packs whenever they aren't even supposed to be eating
--have been seen collecting yogurt lids
--are often found slumming around the left side of J hall
--normally talk in code using words like "microwave", "easy mac", and "sabrina"
1. wow that kid is cool... they must be a member of crapxcore

2. Nick- not many are as cool as I... I am both popxcore and crapxcore
ibreak4pie가 작성 2006년 04월 27일 (목)
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