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Highly dysfunctional, yet powerfully addictive love relationships which cause at least one the parties involved to appear to the rest of the world as if they're on crack. Crack Love addicts often gladly indulge in the drama, while hoping that the douche bags they're committed to loving actually have it in them to one day reciprocate. The irony is that most Crack Love addicts would not know how to receive the love they allegedly seek. If the douche bags ever were to act right they would suddenly be too nice or worse, too boring.

Crack love addiction affects all sizes, shapes and genders. The common denominator is that all those afflicted exercise an unhealthy and selfish sense of hope i.e. delusion.
So many young girls think they can get sexed by a pro football athlete and make them fall in love. "You just let him get you wasted and take you back to his place to smash! And now you think he's going to fall in love? Girl, that's the crack love in you doing the talking.


That guy keeps paying her phone bills and taking her shopping and she doesn't do shit for him. All she has to do is let him smell the pussy and he's taking out his wallet. He's in Crack Love or else he'd she isn't worth a shit.
#love #addictively stupid #addicted #crackhead #love junkie
hipsterinnc가 작성 2010년 12월 03일 (금)
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