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high-class prostitute
Usualy travels to different areas to meet customers. Provide different services such as week end get a ways, dinners. Up scale men(the rich) use them because they no how to adapt to the situation easily. There job last from days to weeks and cost thousands of dollars but they act like a live in girlfriend or wife but they want talk back or bitch. The may or may not perform the way anescort does but they only work for the upper class and professional men. Courtezan are used by old men that spent to much time working and never got a real relationship and now they have to much money and no one to share it with. Courteazan charge a fee before they show up as proof you have the money you say you do and they travel and stay for long periods of time. They also are dressed and look the best out of all prostitute and carry their self in a professional manner at all time. You get exactly what you pay for and a lot more besides.
crdijnesop가 작성 2008년 08월 29일 (금)
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