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the reason why i failed my exam.
Damnit, I should be studying for my exam. But I still pwned you in counter-strike!
DH가 작성 2004년 12월 19일 (일)
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A decent modification using the Half-Life engine, with a bad reputation due to its community. Mainly Consisting of cheaters, people who speak in 80% numbers (elite speak), and on the whole have Zero respect for other players.

This has made many Admins on servers paranoid, and take a "no trial" approach to cheat accusations and llamas and ban on sight. Which is unfair to those who are actually skillfull at the game and/or have done nothing wrong.

New players are usually put down by long-term players and are insulted with phrases like "n00b"

This has led to the belief that the entire CS community consists of teenagers, as no adult could be so immature.

If someone kills you in Counter-Strike they must be cheating...
supernorn2000가 작성 2003년 09월 09일 (화)
Half – Life mod, created in 1999 also know as CS, which started off as the FPS games of the late 20th and early 21st century, and still has a few die-hard fans.
Game is comprised of terrorists and counter terrorist…
Plant Bombs, Rescue hostages, and kill each other until either the other side is eradicated or time runs out, or objective is accomplished… All this should be accomplished with refined (First person shooter) skills… acquired from hours of repetitive play
Game has negative connotations due to the repetitive nature of the Missions and Maps…
Game is polluted with cheaters and hackers who spend much of their time on the computer trying to accomplish an imaginary ultimate hacker status
Instead of terrorists vs. counter terrorists, the game has over time transformed into Hackers Vs. Non Hackers, with ever growing admin boots,,,, bans,,,,, kicks,,, and CD key black lists….
Due to , cheaters, anti cheat programs, abusive admins, bitchers, whiners and campers,
new hacks and MODS for the game are released on a daily basis thus… causing many people to refer to the game in a negative countenance.
I Played way too much CS Last night. The best FPS Game of 1999 and 2000
moozing가 작성 2004년 07월 05일 (월)
A great online FPS game that has sadly been over-run by autistic 10 to 14 year olds who like to scream at you over the mic while their balls are waiting to drop. The only way to compete is be a great player or have gone to college for l337 5p34k. Many people bash it because they lack enough skill to play the game. They do this by whining that it's 'not realistic' enough (even though they'd suck at that too) as they take a hit off their inhailer. Servers are run like Nazi Germany by little kids who ban you when ever you blow their heads off while going "H4XX0|2 OMG WTF LOL! B4N TYM3 I R L337! DUN7 FUX W/ TH15!!!11" Also you are shot while trying to decipher coded messages that you soon find out were in fact, not coded messages, but a remedial bastard trying to inform you of an enemy's position. "enmee een phents go ruuf!!!" or "hee at hoistse!" "I hve smlal dkic"
A good game that many people bash, but it is still fun and enjoyable once you find a nice server that does not have a ton of retards in it.
G BARNEY BITCH!가 작성 2004년 06월 21일 (월)
An online multiplayer game that is addictive as crack to the average nerd.
My friend Joseph likes counter-strike more than women because he has no life.
0mG U 1Os3R I knoW u HacK가 작성 2004년 08월 10일 (화)
The best Half-Life modification these days. There are several gametypes: Bomb plant/defusion, Hostage rescue and Assassination. There also so-called 'funmaps' and 'funservers' on which you play with e.g. knifes.

1. Servers are usually flooded with 10-year-olds who pretend to be mature untill they talk through their microphone. At that time you will hear a voice from which you can't tell wether the kid is a boy or a girl.

2. Players that are skilled at the game are often called 'n00b' and 'h4x0r' by people who are not skilled at this game. The skilled people are often banned(because of 'hacking') because admins tend to be 10-year-olds and will believe everything their fellow 10-year-olds say.

3. The game contains the AWP weapon. People who are skilled at using this weapon are called 'n00b', 'h4x0r', 'camper', 'AWP fag', 'AWP whore', etc. The people(often 10-year-olds) who call these names are often not skilled at the game.

4. Most of the people who play Counter-Strike talk in the '1337 language'. Most of them can't spell 1 single English word either.

5. If you sit still for about 10 seconds you're a camper.

That is Counter-Strike
1. *kiddy voice through microphone*: I pwn you, nub h4x0r fag!!1!!11!1!!1`one!! I am maturez0r!!1

*Skilled player*: I do not hack. I am skilled at this game and I killed you.
*10-year-old admin*: OMGSES BANZORED! HAXOR!!1

3. *PlayerThatGotKilledByAWP*: OMG! You fucking AWP whore camper nub slut bitch faggot nerd. Get a fucking life you nub.

4. *1337talker*: i r s0 1337, b3c4us3 i r b3 t3h t4lkz0r 1337, i r pwn t3h j00, kthnxz0rs.
*Guy who can't spell*: omg00se wuthc uot fru t3h nmee ar0nud th crnur!!

5. *Stupid spectator(got killed)*: OMG HE'S A FUCKING CAMPER, HE'S BEEN SITTING FOR HOURS(10 seconds) NOW!!!
Sapphire X가 작성 2004년 12월 29일 (수)
A first person shooter originally made by a man called Gooseman in 1999 as a modification to the game Half-Life. The game consists of two teams, the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorits. Each team purchases weapons at the start of a round and tries to either kill every member of the opposite team or complete an objective.
The game has become an extremely popular FPS over the years, and despite running on a 7 year old game, is still played by many people.

However, many people have hatreds toward the game because of it's popularity and will insult it given a moments notice. Even people who have not played the game or only played for a short amount of time have very biased opinions towards the game.
Despite what many people say, the game is very fun with a good community. There is a reason why it is so popular after all.
Counter-Strike: A Half-Life modification featuring two opposing teams in a semi-realistic environment.
TheCommunistCow가 작성 2004년 05월 02일 (일)
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