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Taking a nasty crap.
Awww that McDonalds is hitting home, I'm gonna go chuzz.
chuzzster가 작성 2009년 10월 11일 (일)
n. jizz, semen

v. to ejaculate
She didn't want me to get her pregnant so I pulled out and chuzzed on her nuzz instead
TimAndTomas가 작성 2009년 01월 01일 (목)
it ain't free but it ain't much
Chuzz ain't free; it costs a dollar.
gullydoc가 작성 2004년 11월 06일 (토)
A word that black people use thats a variable and can mean anything.
u mutha fucca up tell me werr u stay at chuzz
hamburger eatin headass가 작성 2008년 02월 03일 (일)
The white crusty "cheese" that forms on an unwashed penis.
An amalgam of words cheese and scuzz.
"See that homeless guy, I'd say he's rife with chuzz"
Bubbinzubbin가 작성 2008년 02월 29일 (금)
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