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Chanel is the high fashion couture of Gabriel (also known as Coco) Chanel. Famous for the chanel 5 perfume and her creation of the "little black dress", she is known as a fashion revolutionary and feminist. The current face of chanel is Nicole Kidman and head of the chanel house is Karl Lagerfeld.
"that girl has a really cute Chanel purse"

"did you see Mischa Bartons new Chanel purse in last nights episode of the OC?"
Satine가 작성 2005년 07월 29일 (금)
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a girl who is beyond amazing. Or a girl that is perfect for you.
That girl is my Chanel.
abchanel가 작성 2007년 08월 31일 (금)
the horniest mothufuckah you will ever meet.
knows how to make a guy scream and moan and beg for more.
has more than one guy crushing on her ass daily.
known to be loud funny and obnoxious all at the same time. loved by many. hated by none. a true friend. stays loyal. doesnt fall hard for any man. hard to please. smart and clever. loves to make people eat lubricant. pulls pranks on closest friends daily.
if you ever come across a chanel. cherish her for the rest of your life
brah. did you see chanel today in those shorts??
janigsz가 작성 2008년 09월 21일 (일)
Chanel; The act of being perfect, most awesome person you'll ever meet who is beast in everything. She is unique, athletic, and beautiful, and one of the coolest chicks you’ll ever know. She is normally petite and brunette with fair soft skin. Her personality is strangely odd yet seductively alluring. Every guy WANTS to get with a Chanel. She’s a girl of considerable beauty who appears to take pleasure from teasing males. Chanel’s bodies are sacred and getting one in bed is not easy, but when they decide to give someone their love, they are by far the best.

They usually give you full attention & have an intense stare that can be intimidating, but the are so sweet there is no need to be intimidated…sometimes. Most Chanel’s have participated in some dance, like ballet to show their class, grace, poise and elegance. They are loyal. If you have ever wronged a Chanel you should be eternally ashamed of yourself. If you piss off a Chanel she is more likely to make your life such an utter shit of hell for a VERY LONG TIME than forgive you any time soon. Once you have a Chanel, you’ll never be bored.
Chanel is so is so lovable

Audrey Hepburn was a real Chanel.
Johnny.Depp가 작성 2012년 06월 26일 (화)
Chanel is a designer brand founded originally by a woman named Coco Chanel. Her designs are known for portraying style, class, beauty. Chanel is a favorite among the wealthy and upper middle class. You can find a Chanel logo on just about anything, (purses to sunglasses,clothes to keychains..ect.)
Head on over to Saks or Neiman Marcus to find your very own Chanel product.
miss_sixty가 작성 2005년 06월 25일 (토)
The realest gurl ever. she's cute, short,nd a spoiled hottie. basicly a gurl who is beyond amazing.
*1st boy: Hey do you kno that chiq Chanel ??
*2nd boy: No she spoke 2 me once but dont really kno her :(
*3rd boy: well ur lucky she doesnt even speak to me but she is still HOT!! ;)
mzz.coco가 작성 2008년 01월 03일 (목)
The attitude of being perfect, amazing, beautiful, handsome, and stylish. To be Chanel you must feel Chanel and act Chanel. Just remember, being Chanel means your better than everyone else.
That is so Chanel!
That is so NOT Chanel!
G. Coco Chanel가 작성 2012년 12월 16일 (일)
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