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A type of person -- typically but not always in CAP -- who exagerates in order to boost self esteem. Cap girls suffer from a lack of substance in life, and attempt to compensate by being annoying, (see bitch), for the dual purpose of expressing their inner stress, as well as gaining attention.

The most common symptom is excessive talking, and an extreme lack of ability for both semi-articulate and/or abstract thought.

In general they are daughters of white suburbanite yuppies who don't spend enough time with their children and over-emphasize work as well as material posession. This causes them to latch on to people -- especially men -- in order to cling to the idea that someone actually cares about them.

Almost uncannily intricate attempts to fit into whatever they deem as "mainstream society." Wearing very bright colors, constantly matching perfectly, trendy styles from name brands, ect.

please note that very few people are 100% cap girl, and everyone is at least a little bit cap girl.
Jane always uses the word "like" in her sentences, whats up with that?

Its because she's really has nothing to say, but she's too insecure to shut up. She's a cap girl.
Doug가 작성 2004년 12월 14일 (화)
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