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The rapper who used to be in "The Children of the Corn" with Mase and Big L, then feuded with Mase over record labels and then signed with rocafella. Cam'ron used to be an all-american basketball player in college but became a rapper. His earlier stuff was great, like songs "Let Me Know" and "Sports Drugs & Entertainment" then followed by songs with good beats, but worse lyrics like "Killa Cam" and "Halftime Show". He is still a great rapper overall when balancing his lyrics, beats, and effectiveness.
"i hear niggas sayin hes down and out"
D-FO가 작성 2005년 06월 06일 (월)
an underappreciated rapper who uses so much slang lames think he isn't making any sense but hes actually phrasing his raps in such a way that only the street credible can understand
Stupid stay in a suckers place. Plug your ace, take your girl fuck her face!
burgstyle가 작성 2005년 06월 27일 (월)
Head honcho of Dipset, got shot twice in the arm while rolling in Washington DC (Oct.2005). His lyrics rhyme so well people think they're just repeating. Real name is Cameron Giles, and his Jay-Z diss "Swagger Jacker" is crazy, everyone give a listen. Cam'Ron hails from Harlem, NYC and used to be with Rocafella, now is with Diplomat records on Koch. Aka King Jafi Joe, aka Killa Cam. Cam is the harlem's own gangster and is one of the best NYC rappers ever to hit the business.
Canary burgundy, I call it lemon-red
yellow diamonds in my ear, call'em lemonheads.
-"Killa Cam" - Cam'Ron

Fox, minks, gators, thats necessary
Accessories?, My closets a pet cemetary
-"Down and Out" - Cam'Ron
Dipset_JDizzle가 작성 2006년 03월 25일 (토)
A sweet, wonderful guy who is super-easygoing most of the time but will FIGHT for the people he loves. He loves playing bass and enjoys first-person shooter video games. He also rocks at artistic & quirky stuff, like drawing, making videos on the computer, or making crazy stuff out of Legos. Anyone who has the chance to meet a Camron is lucky indeed... and any GIRL who manages to snag a Camron is destined to have a fun, romantic life ahead of her!
He brought you flowers out of the blue today? How Camron of him! :D
Gwendolyn Walls가 작성 2010년 02월 04일 (목)
The leader of the new Harlem movement. A person with style and swagger too unique for some to appreciate. Original, smooth, and swift. Cam uses word play and metaphores that are too difficult to understand by the standards of some simple people. Many times Killa will take simple words and form complex lines that many are too slow to comprehend.
Aint no Ay B I owe you. Why b? that will get 'em up in I.C.U. Like I see you at the B.P. shot em off G.P. Gun from VA PA down to DC.DOA if you short on my "p" see. c-74 switched em over to PC Like Chuck D we the '06 P.E f@%k
me why I'm in the 06 GT. All about them g's B. We the BGs bird gang Dipset d.i.p. see like KRS 1 the great BDP. wanna join the crew then you must see me Flea -Cam'ron
S.K.S가 작성 2006년 08월 04일 (금)
Cam'ron's a harlem rapper, he's related to pink & purple, diplomats, pink range rover, sick flow and crazy rhymes.
his flow's a bit like that of Ma$e, they used to be in the children of corn together with the legendary big l, afterwards Cam'ron had beef with Mase, though it's already settled.
Cam'ron has so far released 4 solo albums, Confessions Of Fire (1998), S.D.E. (2000), Come Home With Me (2002) & Purple Haze (2004). He also releases a lot of various mixtapes and albums almost every month with his Dipset gang and affiliates like A-Mafia, Sheist Bub, Un Kasa and many others, but his closest Dipset mates are Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and arguably his successor, young dominican rapper J.R. Writer
suicide sickness, child negligence, homicide, fingerprints, wild evidence/
but thou shall respect me, blow blow, clap clap, pow pow, bow down
HWG가 작성 2005년 08월 17일 (수)
Likes to smoke weed, play World Of Warcraft, not a very good speller. Likes to laugh a lot, makes a lot of sexual jokes. If the internet is down he tweeks on plants. A huge coffee/ energy drink chugger. Likes to people watch and has an awesome smile.
"Camron loves to drink coffee, and stay in front of his computer screen."
GyspyEyes가 작성 2010년 02월 05일 (금)
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