Usually when a person stands within the confines of your personal space, sometimes without knowing it. Telling them that they're bursting your bubble can be a nice gesture to get them to back off.

If the creeper commits a second offense it's all fair game for hostility.
Scene: fat house party during a game of beer pong.
Situation: Drunk guy keeps trying to interfere with the game and is getting a little too close to some players.

Player: Hey dude you need to quit BURSTING MY BUBBLE.
Drunk guy: Keeps getting in their bubble and is taunting them now.
Player: Okay, I warned you nicely. Now this bubble is gonna turn into a crime scene if you cross me one more time.
Drunk Guy: is put in his place and wimps out.
Player two: That will teach him not to Bubble burst.
AleckzWells가 작성 2010년 06월 19일 (토)
Top Definition
1) When something has been going exceeding well only to then run its inevitable course and either decline or fail altogether; a market correction.

2) a term adopted in business to describe an event that is currently faultering or failing or has the potential to do so.
1) I thought my job as a lawyer was recession-proof, but when Jesus returned, sent all the sinners to hell and left everyone remaining on Earth singing Kum By Ya, that bubble burst!

2) In 2007: My house was just appraised at 130% of what I bought it for and I don't think the market can support more than that for much longer. I'm going to sell it now before the bubble bursts next year.
Tenacious Faulker가 작성 2009년 08월 20일 (목)
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